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How to be free from worldly relations?

Questioner: These nine kalams that are given, are they for the purification of thought, speech and conduct in this life?

Free From Worldly Relations

Dadashri: No, no. There is no need for that here. In this Akram path, this is not necessary at all. These nine kalams are given to liberate you from the hisaabs (accounts) created with others in your previous endless lives. They are given to clear your books (account). So if you say the nine kalams you will break roonanubandha, (link that has been made with people in previous lives). Roonanubandha, is preventing you from liberation. These nine kalams break these links. All your faults that have occurred up until now will be washed when you say these kalamas and the fruits will surely come.

Questioner: To do pratikraman for my faults, I constantly say the nine kalams daily. Will that give me strength?

Dadashri: The nine kalams you say are different and the pratikraman you do for your faults is different. You have to do pratikramans daily for your faults. By saying the nine kalams, you will be liberated from the problems created with other people in your endless past lives; you become free from roonanubandha. This is the highest pratikraman. The whole world's pratikraman is in these nine kalams. Do it properly. Having shown this to you, I am done with my work.

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