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How can you increase your level of spiritual development?

Due to the current time cycle, people today do not have the strength to rise spiritually. If they do these bhaavnas, their next life as a human being is guaranteed. Otherwise almost eighty percent of the current human population will be born in lower life forms. Such are the times.


These nine kalams contain the highest bhaav. They are the essence of all the scriptures. I have adhered to them all my life. This is very precious. This has been going on within me for the past forty years, and now I present it to the world for its salvation.

Questioner: Right now we are reciting them by asking Dada to give us the strength, but to whom did you ask?

Dadashri: There may not have been a specific name 'Dada Bhagwan', there may have been a different name, but there was definitely a name. It could have been 'Shuddhatma' (Pure Self).

In the kramic marg (traditional path to salvation) one has to read voluminous scriptures, but here it is adequate to recite just these nine  kalams. There is great power in these nine kalams. Tremendous power. People will only understand this when I explain it to them. The person who comes to me and tells me that he really likes these nine kalams has understood their value.

These nine kalams are not in any scriptures. I give you what I myself abide by and experience. These kalams have been written exactly according to the way I conduct myself. Despite this I am not God. The One manifested within me is God.

These nine kalams are the pure extract of all the fourteen lokas (14 universes). It is like taking out the pure whey from having churned the yogurt of all these fourteen lokas, and giving you the extract. Look how poonyashadi  (people with positive karma) these people are. They are sitting in the elevator that is headed for liberation. There is only one condition given to them. They should not stick their heads out of the elevator door.

These nine kalams are not to be found anywhere else. Only a Poorna Purush (absolutely Self-realized) can write them. Such a person is very rare. When such a One exists, people achieve salvation.

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