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Why do we find faults in others?

Questioner: Why do we see faults in other people Dada?

Dadashri: You see their faults because of your own faults. Dada sees everyone as faultless, because he has destroyed all his faults. It is one's own ego that makes one see fault in others. Anyone who sees only his own faults will always see others as faultless.

Whoever makes the mistake is the one who has to amend it. Why should anyone be preoccupied with the mistakes of others?

Questioner: Dada, what can I do when, although I do not wish to see others' mistakes, I see them anyway and those mistakes keep hounding me?

Dadashri: It is the intellect that throws you into such confusion. This corrupt intellect has existed for a long time, because it has been given support. That is why it doesn't leave you. Once you let this intellect know that it is not needed anymore, you can be rid of it. It is like asking a servant to run errands for you when you have already dismissed him from his work and told him that his services are no longer required. In the same way you should not reemploy the intellect and make it work. You should never side with the intellect. The corrupt intellect shows you worldly gain and loss, whereas the pure intellect helps you towards the path of liberation.

Questioner: What can I do if I am unable to be free from my mistakes?

Dadashri: You will not succeed in freeing from your mistakes. The one way to be free from them is to stop owning them. Tell them that they are not yours.

Questioner: What if even after we say that, what should I do if they do not leave?

Dadashri: How can you expect the mistakes that are frozen solid like ice to just suddenly disappear? Still, even these kind of mistakes will leave you as long as you deal with them from the aspect of their being the known and you being the Knower. You should not support them in any way. Without your support they can only fall. They have no alternative. Everything around you manages to survive because it receives support. When things do not receive any support, they fall. The entire worldly existence remains because of support. If it not supported, it would not remain, but no one knows how to take that support away. That is the work for the Gnanis. The world is a mystery in itself. How can one understand the deepest of its secrets?

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