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How to stop fault finding in relationship?

The other person is never at fault in any way. His belief is that the world is the source of all happiness, and that is correct. If you try to convince them otherwise, the fault is yours.  People have a tendency to find fault in others.  No one is at fault.  Whatever unhappiness you experience, arises within you.  People around you, such as your family, strive to make you  happy.  Your wife takes so much care when she cooks for you.  You are not even aware of the painstaking effort your family makes in order to put food on your table.  Each morsel of bread you eat is made from flour, which they themselves grind from wheat. Prior to grinding the wheat they have sorted out pieces of gravel by hand from it. If it were their intention to make you miserable, why would they bother doing all this?

You should never look another person's faults. When you do this, you are spoiling your life in the world.  You should only look at your own faults.  Every event and circumstance is the fruit of your own karma, so is there anything left to be said?  People go around accusing, criticizing and finding fault with each other and yet they sit together to dine.  This is what perpetuates vengeance, and vengeance is the reason this world exists.  That is why I tell you to settle your dealings with everyone, with equanimity so that vengeance comes to an end.

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