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Why do we have problems in relationship?

Questioner : Why is it that all kinds of difficulties continue in my home? Some or other kind of trouble continues to arise to my wife, to family members and in the business.

Dadashri : If you give troubles to others you will have troubles. If you give happiness to others then you will get happiness. If you want happiness then give happiness to people and if you want troubles then give troubles, give to others whatever you want. Whatever comes to you, on that bases you should understand what you had given to others. Therefore, if you want happiness then try to give happiness, start giving happiness. This world is in the form of vyavahar worldly interaction, which says, 'give and then take'. When you are faced with troubles then understand that you have given troubles only, you have not started any other business! And if you encounter happiness then know that you have given happiness to others.

Questioner : The troubles, which had been given to others before, those troubles come at this time. Now with these troubles, how can one give happiness?

Dadashri :  For that make bhaav deep inner intent to give happiness and do not give troubles to anybody again. If someone abuses you twice then you should not lend him five times more abuses again and you should credit these two abuses. You had abused someone twice; that has returned, therefore credit the two abuses. If someone abuses you twice at that time instead of crediting you are lending him five more abuses. Hey, why do you continue to do business with him? So all this is an account of lending. The world may call it roonanubandha karmic ties, an account of lending. Therefore if you like it then loan it but that which was loaned will come back. This is just a game of credit-debit. Only that which had been loaned comes back; God does not meddle in this at all. You do not like troubles, so then stop lending them.

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