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Should we hurt children to improve them?

When you hurt anyone in the world, the inner effect and vibration of that hurt, the echo, is bound to affect you. When a husband and wife get a divorce and the man remarries, the ex-wife will continue to feel the hurt. The echoes of this hurt will inevitably be there within the man and he will have to clear (pay off) that account.

Questioner :  Please explain this in more detail.

Dadashri What 'we' are trying to convey is that when you become instrumental (a nimit) in causing the slightest of pain (dukh) to another being, then its effect will inevitably fall upon you. You will have to settle that account, so beware. 

If you scold your assistant at work, will its effect not fall upon you? It will for sure. So tell me, how can the world become free from suffering?

Therefore, the effect (asar) within of hurting anyone will not leave you alone. When you hurt children in your attempts to improve them, the effect of the hurt caused to them will fall on you. So talk to them in such a way that it will not cause such an effect and they will improve. Is there not a difference between a copper vessel and a glass one? Do you consider them to be the same? You can repair the dents caused to a copper vessel but a glass vessel will break. Otherwise, the entire life of the child is ruined.

The beatings and the suffering you endure in life are due to ignorance of this matter. You may say things to improve this person or that person, but the effect of the pain you cause in the process will fall on you.

Questioner :  One has to tell children something, these days, does he not?

Dadashri :  There is nothing wrong in telling them, but speak in a way that it does not hurt them and that the echoes of that do not fall on you. You have to make a decision that you do not want to hurt anyone in the slightest extent.

The one who has become such that no one gets hurt by him, in the slightest degree, is the blissful one. There are no two ways about this. The Agnas 'we' give you are such that you become free from all kinds of miseries. And you will not find any difficulty in practicing those Agnas. 'Our' Agnas are not restrictive in any manner.

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