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How to deal with insults?

Questioner: Would a person be considered an 'instrument', if he comes and insults me? Even though I am not at fault?

Dadashri: No one, absolutely no one in this world has the right to say anything to you if you are not at fault. So whenever someone says anything to you, it is because of your own mistake and you are being returned that which you previously gave. Your mistake of your past life, is being returned to you. He is merely 'instrumental' in the process. You are the one at fault and that is the only reason why he speaks to you in this way.

He speaks to you in this way because the fault is your own. In doing so, he is liberating you from your mistake of your past life. You must not have any ill feeling towards him. You have to pray to God to grant him right understanding. That is all you have to do, because he is only an 'instrument'.

I do not have any negative thoughts about anyone. Even when someone creates problems for me, I do not have any negative thoughts about that person. He is just acting according to his perception. How can you blame him? And what is the reality of this world anyway? No one in this world is at fault. It is because of your incorrect perception that you see others at fault. I do not see anyone at fault. From now on conduct your dealings with the understanding that no one is at fault. Will you do this?

Questioner: Yes I definitely will.

Dadashri: You will begin to see others as being without faults only when you realize that truly people are without faults. They are merely 'instrumental' in the process and yet we see people readily attack their 'instrument', do they not?

Questioner: Yes, we do that even when we should not.

Dadashri: To see a fault in others is the same as attacking the 'instrument'. The other person insults you because of your own past karma coming into fruition, and yet you attack him? You are the one that must suffer the effect of your past karma. The other person is merely caught up in the middle. On the contrary, you should be indebted to that person for freeing you from your karma and yet you behave with contempt towards him. This is the same as attacking him. Mahatmas (those who have attained the knowledge of the Self from me) have become fearful after understanding this and resolve not to attack their 'instrument' from now on.

You will bind terrible karma when you accuse your 'instrument' of cheating you. You would bind lesser karma if you slapped him instead. A person can only cheat you if and when your own past karmas come into effect. It is only the fruition of your past karmas coming into effect that allows the other person to be able to cheat you. How can you then blame the other person? On the contrary he became 'instrumental' in liberating you from your own karma.

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