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How to deal with lazy people at work?

Questioner : My nature is such that I cannot tolerate wrong things and therefore anger happens continuously.

Dadashri :  Who decides and judges that it is wrong?

Questioner :  I do as much as my intellect shows.

Dadashri : Yes,  that much judgment and justice prevails.

Questioner : But if I am paying twenty- five rupees per day to a person and if he is hardly doing work worth five rupees then will I not feel that this is not right?

Dadashri : But why is he not doing his work? What is the reason that he is not doing work?

Questioner : It is because of his lazy nature.

Dadashri : Everybody may be getting this kind of people to work for them?

Questioner : How can I say that everybody is getting such people?

Dadashri :  So why did you only encounter such a person to work for you? There must be a reason for this, isn't it?

Questioner : My previous karma must be like that, that is why he met me.

Dadashri :  So then what is his fault? So then what is the reason to get mad at him?  You should get mad at yourself that, "brother, what kind of karma 'I' have bound that I got such a person?" One's weakness will hurt the self only. 'Fault is of the sufferer.' He does not work and you become angry, so then you feel the hurt, so it is your mistake. He will remain as he is, he will do the same thing tomorrow and on top of that he will mimic you. As you turn around he will make a fun of you, he will say, 'this guy is crazy, forget him!'

Questioner : So I should sit with him and explain to him that, 'why it is not possible for you to do this much work? See how much more the other people are doing.' And if he does not know then I can teach him, should I do like that?

Dadashri : Yes, you should explain him in such a way that he can understand and he will feel encouraged to do that work.

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