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How to live happily at home?

People's home lives have become ruined. Life should not be like this. It should be full of love; where there is love, one cannot look at mistakes. If you want to point out your wife's mistake, you should also be able to make her understand. If you offer her a suggestion by saying 'Maybe we should do it this way', she will accept it and be glad you advised her.

Some men will kick up a big fuss even over not having sugar in their tea. All I say is 'For heaven's sake just drink it in peace'. Surely she will find out when drinks the tea. She will even ask you why you did not ask for any sugar.

People do not know how to live their life in the home. One should not, in one's home, point out anyone's mistakes. People nevertheless do this, do they not?

Questioner: Everyday.

Dadashri: You criticize everybody at home: your wife, your children, your father, everyone but yourself. That is how awkward you are. What wisdom! So from now on become wise and do not commit any aggression through mind, speech and actions. Be quick to remove any stains that may splash. When mistakes arise, and they will, you should wash them off immediately. Mistakes do occur but your job is to wash them off.

Questioner: But one has to acquire the ability to see the stain.

Dadashri: That you have acquired. Others do not have this ability but you do and that is why you are able to see your faults. The nature of your awareness is such that it will show you your mistakes. As the layers are shed, you will begin to see your mistakes even more.

It is only when you begin to see everyone in the home as faultless, and see only your own faults, that true pratikramans can occur.

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