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How to deal with mother-in-law problems?

One should be liberated from each and every karma. Each time your mother-in-law torments you; you should become free from that karma. What should you do to achieve that? You should regard your mother-in-law as blameless and accept that it is because of your own karma that you have encountered her. This is the only way you can free yourself from the karma. After all, she is an 'instrument'. If you look at her fault, you will increase your karma, then how can anyone help you? How can even God help you?

Live in such a way that you do not bind any karma. Keep your distance from this world. It is because of your karma that you have encountered all these people. Who are all these people at your home? They are the very people you have bound karma with and they are even capable of harming you. Even if you resolve not to speak to them, they will force you to. This is revenge created from the past life. Vengeance from your past life! Have you experienced this anywhere?

Questioner: Yes, it is rampant everywhere.

Dadashri: That is precisely why I am telling you to leave all that and come to me. I will give to you what I have attained, and your work will be done and you will be liberated. Otherwise you will not find freedom.

I never look at anybody's faults, but I do take note of what this world is like. I have seen the world in all its aspects. The fact that you see faults in anyone is your own mistake. At some point in time you will have to see the world as faultless. All this is nothing but your own account from previous life. If you understand just this much, it will be very useful to you.

I see the entire world as absolutely faultless. When you see it in the same way, the whole puzzle will be solved for you. I will give you such a clear vision and I will destroy so many of your sins, that you will be able to retain this vision and see the world in this light of innocence. Along with this vision, I will also give you Five Agnas (Dadashri's Five Directives after The Gnan Vidhi). As long as you abide by these Agnas, you will preserve the Gnan that has been given to you.

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