Mahavir Swami Stories: Exploring 27 Births of Vardhamana Mahavir

Shree Mahavir Swami was the last and the 24th Tirthankar of the current time cycle. His symbol (laanchhan) is of a lion. Of the 24 Tirthankars, He faced maximum amount of adversities. He gave a tough fight against the worst karmas. Generally, Tirthankars do not have such karmas to be faced as Lord Mahavir had. However, He always remained steadfast and finished each karma with equanimity. His courage was unmatched, and hence, was called ‘Mahavir’.

A lot of wonders of the world occurred during His regime. When He attained Nirvana, the 4th era of the current time cycle was about to end and the 5th era was about to begin.

We can learn a lot from the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir as well as from His previous births. So, let’s now read about Mahavir Swami stories with a pure heart.

The scriptures have revealed 27 births of Mahavir although He had innumerable births before. The first birth was of Naysar in which He achieved the Right Vision (Samyak Darshan or Self-Realization). This birth marked the beginning of His spiritual journey, which got completed in His 27th birth.

The First Birth as Naysar and the Second Birth in Heaven
The Third Birth as Marichi and Other Twelve Births
The Sixteenth Birth and The Seventeenth Birth
The Eighteenth Birth as Tripushta Vasudev
Next Few Births
The 27th Birth as Tirthankar Bhagwan Lord Mahavir
Diksha (Renunciation)
Chandkaushik Snake
Sangam Dev
The Understanding of Bhaav V/s Dravya
The Cow Herder Pierced Thorns into the Lord’s Ears
Keval Gnan (Omniscience)
Gautam Swami and the Other 10 Gandhars
Thief Rohineya
Mahavir’s First Parents
Jamali and Priyadarshana
Param Vinay of Gautam Swami
Sulsa Shravika
The Living Tirthankar
Mahavir Nirvana
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