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Is Reincarnation Real?


Everyone believes that the Soul leaves the body after death, but where does the Soul go? Does the Soul take birth again in another body? Is reincarnation real? Does rebirth occur? If so, what is the proof? Many such questions arise in our mind.

Different religions also have different beliefs about reincarnation. According to some religions, the life-form after death is determined based on the good and bad deeds that a person has bound throughout his life. While in many other religions, it is believed that the 'Day of Judgment' or 'Doomsday' will come, and on that day, all will leave the dead body and go to God, where the account of their life book will be seen. One who has done good deeds will get heaven, and if bad deeds are done, they will get hell. After death, one goes to heaven or hell, or to one of the four life-forms, one takes birth elsewhere for sure. So, these two things themselves support the fact that reincarnation is true.

Result (Effect) Does Not Occur Without a Cause:

Thinking from a scientific point of view, no effect can happen without a cause. It’s like when we give the exam, it is called cause. Then, the result that comes is its consequence, which is called effect. To put a millet seed in the ground is the cause. From that seed, the plant grows and becomes big and a millet cob sprouts, that is the effect. We assume this body, that too is a result, so there has to be a cause for it too. Suppose, the grain of millet is a pre-birth. And as the cob came out of it, this birth took place, and then again from that cob, when the seed fell into the ground, that’s the next new birth. This is how from the cause the effect comes, and while experiencing that effect, again new causes occur. Thus, the cycle of cause-effect, birth-death goes on and on. We can see that in a certain period of time, a grain of millet fell into the ground and from that a cob came out. However, we cannot see or remember the past and future birth of a human being.

Reason for Not Remembering the Rebirth:

At the time of death, a person experiences great pain. The nature of the Soul is absolute bliss, so when there’s immense suffering (in the body), the Soul detaches from the body and abandons the body. Moreover, at the time of birth in the womb also, human beings experience enormous suffering. Due to the suffering during birth as well as death, a veil comes over due to which the person does not remember his previous birth. One who has followed good conduct-thoughts throughout his life, who has not suffered at all at the time of death, that person could remember the previous birth.

After Death, the Next Birth is Immediate:

When a person is taking his last breaths, the Soul stretches from the body. Once the Soul stretches and reaches another womb, it leaves this body and rebirth takes place. So, after death, the Soul goes directly from one body to another womb at that very moment.

Suppose, if one is to leave the body in Ahmedabad and take birth in Baroda, the Soul, without leaving the body, can stretch and elongate up to where it has to go. When the time comes for the sperm of the father and the ovum of the mother to come together, it enters the yoni there. At that time the Soul becomes completely compressed. Until and unless the new place is not found, it mostly doesn't leave the old. Due to its property of elasticity, it gets longer and with one end in the old body, it takes the other end into the new effective body, and only then, it leaves the old body. Just as a snake is coming out from one burrow and is entering into another, similarly, the Soul on one hand is leaving from this body and is taking birth on the other side.

Right of Reincarnation:

After death, the body becomes dead. People either bury it or burn it. Based on this, it is proved that there was life inside which left the body. That life only reincarnates. The Soul itself is birthless-immortal. The Soul has nothing to do with it.

What’s the basis of rebirth - Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan gives its scientific explanation to us here, which makes us ponder over is reincarnation real or not.

Questioner: Who takes rebirth? The living being or the Soul?

Dadashri: No, no one has to take it, it happens. This whole world is 'It Happens' only!

Questioner: Yes, but by whom does it happen? By the living being or the Soul?

Dadashri: No, the Soul has nothing to do with it, everything is with the living being only. One who wants material pleasures has the 'right' to enter the yoni. One not wanting material pleasures, he loses the 'right' to enter the yoni.

The Baggage that One Takes Along after Death:

The Soul alone does not leave the body, but along with it all the karmas, that which is called the causal body and the electrical body, all three leave together.

The causal body is filled in the entire body, it is in the form of parmanu. From those parmanus then, an effective body is formed, just as the whole banyan tree grows from a banyan seed. It takes the causal body; along with it, a new effective body is formed. When the mother's ovum and father's sperm combine, a new effective body is produced. The effective body produced from the mother's ovum and the father's sperm makes the latter its food and then its body is made.

Tejas body itself is called subtle body or electrical body. Electrical body is normally in every living being and based on it, all bodily functions run. Digestion of food, generation of heat in the body, circulation of blood up and down the body are all managed by the electrical body. The light in the eyes that helps to see is all due to the electrical body. Just as the wires of electricity reach everywhere, similarly, the electricity of the electrical body reaches everywhere, with which all of the body’s machinery works. Anger-pride-deceit-greed arises and karmas get bound, all of that also is due to the 'electrical body'.

After death, the body and the senses are exhausted. But in the causal body, we take karma and anger-pride-deceit-greed along with us. What do we take with us after death – in response to that question, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “If we have given some happiness to those who are not our relatives, by obliging them in some way or the other, then it has reached 'there'. Not to relatives, but to other outsiders. Then to the people here, you’ve donated medicines (Aushadh-daan), or have donated food (Aahaar-daan), have given knowledge (Gnan-daan) and have given freedom from fear (Abhay-daan), if all of that has been given, then all of that comes there.”

So, is reincarnation real? Yes, it is real!


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