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Can good karma neutralise bad karma ?


Questioner: Is the suffering a net result of the addition and subtraction of bad karma and good karma?

Dadashri: No. Addition and subtraction does not occur, the deeds do not cancel each other out. This has been a rule since the existence of this world. People would take advantage of it if this were the case. The smart people would end up doing a hundred good deeds and ten bad deeds, leaving ninety credits of good deeds. Nature makes sure that both good and bad deeds are experienced.

Questioner: Dada, is it true that when we do any kind of charitable work like building a hospital, the fruit of the other negative karmas we have done will be less intense?

Dadashri: No, it is not reduced. There is no subtraction or addition in the account. New karmas are bound for the good deeds, but one will have to suffer the consequences of harming others. Otherwise all the calculating business-minded people will subtract the bad karmas and keep the profit. It is not like that. Natural law is exact. If you have done any harm, just even once, its fruits will come. Two bad deeds will not be deducted from a hundred good deeds. Both have to be suffered separately.

Questioner: So the fruits of these good karmas and the bad karmas are separate?

Dadashri: The fruits of bad karmas will be bad and the fruit of good karmas will be good. Nothing increases or decreases. What kind of law prevails in nature? Say you do a hundred dollars worth of good karma by donating to a charity, but you also do five dollars worth bad karma by insulting someone. The five dollars will become a debit in your account and the good deed of a hundred dollars will become a credit. The law is very precise.

If this were not so, then all the businessmen would credit debit all the time and ensure that they had a net credit balance. There would never be any unhappiness and so no one would ever seek liberation, because there would be nothing but good deeds. So the law credits a hundred and loans you five, which is not deducted. You will have to experience whatever credit you accumulate. Excessive credits will bring excessive fruits, which become cumbersome to enjoy. After a while, you will tire from too much of a good thing. Too much credit becomes cumbersome and too much debit also becomes cumbersome. One becomes tired of all the luxuries and wants to revert back to simplicity.This is because whatever comforts they experience is not real, is not the bliss of the Self. Rather, it is imaginary and temporary happiness. One never tires or becomes dissatisfied with the permanent bliss of the Pure Soul.

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