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Is the definition of moksha real? Or is it so that Moksha is only an imagination?

Spiritually, the definition of Moksha is the same as the definition of liberation and the definition of salvation. For many people, Moksha is liberation from all sufferings; while for some, it is freedom from the cycle of birth and death. A few also believe it as salvation from all sins. However, are all these interpretations genuine? Is moksha real? Is there truly something like Moksha? Let’s find out!   

The simplest way to know whether something is a reality or an imagination is to experience it. For example: when you are served a special tea, you need to taste it to confirm that the tea is indeed sweet and special. Once you experience the taste, you will have no doubt about it. Thus, it is the ‘experience’ that is needed to confirm that something is a reality.

So, to realize that Moksha is a reality, we need to experience it. We need to get the taste of it while we are alive. We should be able to have Moksha in our hands, like ready cash.

The definition of Moksha is ‘Permanent Happiness.’ How do we experience permanent happiness like ready cash? Let’s explore…

two stage of moksha

There are two stages of Moksha.

The first Stage of Moksha:

The first stage is when you experience freedom from unhappiness in this very life. If someone hurts us or if there is any mishap at home, even in such a situation if our happiness prevails, it is said that the person has practically experienced the first stage of Moksha.

Even in the midst of suffering or an adversity, you experience the bliss of the Self from within. This is possible when one attains Self-realization and remains in Pure Soul. When you become free from self-ignorance, then you achieve this stage, which is free from all unhappiness.

After Self-realization, no suffering will touch you. You will be able to see your own mistakes in the presence of the light of the awakened Soul.

The second stage of Moksha:

The second stage of Moksha is attained when you become free from all your karmas, i.e., freedom from all attachments of worldly atoms. Not a single atom remains attached to your Soul. All the karmas are completely exhausted (cleaned) and you become free from the cycle of birth and death. In order to attain this stage, you need to have total and complete experience of the Soul and be in a human body. It is only with this body that you can see the whole Universe, including each and every atom of the Universe and then achieve ultimate salvation. After you have all these experiences, you go to Moksha, Siddha Kshetra (the permanent abode of absolutely liberated Souls). This is Ultimate Liberation!

Here is a conversation with Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan on the two stages of Moksha.

Questioner: Ordinarily by ‘Moksha’, we mean release or freedom from the cycles of birth and death.

Dadashri: Yes, it is true, but that is the final stage of liberation. It is the secondary stage. The first stage of Moksha is where you experience a sense of neutrality towards problems and miseries. In the first stage of Moksha, one experiences indifference towards any worldly unhappiness. Even in worldly unhappiness, one remains unaffected. In the midst of suffering imposed upon you by others or external factors, you experience samadhi (free from suffering, to experience the state of one’s own bliss). That is the first stage of Moksha. The second stage of Moksha, permanent Moksha, is attained after death. The first stage of Moksha should be attained here and now. I experience this first stage of Moksha all the time. Moksha should be such that even while one lives amongst the worldly things, they do not affect him. That is the Moksha one must strive for. There is no bondage. This stage of Moksha is possible through Akram Vignan.

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