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What Does a Soul Look Like?

To identify Soul, it is obvious to know about its appearance. So, what does a Soul look like? Well, it has no shape or color; it is light, which is not an ordinary one.


The Soul is in the Form of Light

The Soul is knowledge and knowledge is light. This light does not exist anywhere else in any other form. The Soul is in the form of light that needs no origin or support. 

Dada Bhagwan explains what kind of light this is, and how we use this light in our daily life...

Questioner: Does the Soul not possess Knowledge anyways?

Dadashri: It’s not that the Soul has Knowledge; Soul itself is Knowledge! If we call it to be ‘with Knowledge’ it would mean that ‘with’ and ‘Knowledge’ are two separate things. The Soul itself is Knowledge; it itself is light! And it is because of this light that you are able to see all this. It is because of this light that all of this is seen and known. It is because of this light, that one can understand everything and know everything.

In the Body of Every Living Being, the Soul Is Nothing but Light...

Listening to this statement about what does a Soul look like, one starts imagining that Soul may be like a bulb or a tube light. No, it is not like that. Just like with the help of a bulb or a tube light we can see and know all things present in the room; similarly, with the help of the Soul, we can see and know everything. This is just a simile; really, the Soul is much more than this ordinary light.

Let us understand this through an example.

Let’s assume that you are in a pitch-dark room wherein one of the walls has a small hole. From this hole, the rays of sun enter the room. Now in this ray of light, you can see dust particles floating in the area restricted to that beam of light only. Does it mean there are no dust particles anywhere else in the room? There are! Then, why are they not to be seen? This is because of darkness.

So, when there is no light, one is unable to see; whereas, in the presence of light, one can see things clearly as they are! Looking at the ray of light you would understand, “Oh! The Sun has arisen.”

Let us take one more example

Let’s assume that there is a big photo on the wall. Can we see it if it is completely dark? No, but with the help of light, we can clearly see the photo, can’t we?

So, there are three things: Light, our self, and photo.

Just like in the light of the bulb, the photo can be seen and identified; similarly, in the light of the Soul, the thoughts arising in the mind can be seen and read. The Soul is such a light which enlightens itself as well as every object existing in the universe. Unlike the light of the bulb, in the light of the Soul, there is infinite happiness.

Let us further understand the significance of Soul’s light.

Let’s assume that there is pitch darkness in your home. How will you feel? You will have clashes with chair, table, and so on. Further, you will start worrying as to what will happen now and how to move further so that you do not clash again. This can be stressful, right? However, what will happen if you have full light in your room?

If you have full light, there will not be any clashes, sufferings, worries, doubts, or stress! With full light, you feel happiness and your close relatives also will feel happiness. This is what we experience in the light of the Soul. The biggest difference is that the former light will bring temporary feeling happiness, while that of the Soul gives permanent happiness. This is the key point to understand when it is the matter of exploring what does a Soul look like.

It Is the Light of the Soul That Is Omnipresent!

Suppose there is one light bulb, which is affixed to a desired spot on the wall. While the bulb is not everywhere in the room; its light lights the whole room. This is how a single Soul has the power to illuminate the entire Universe. Each Soul has the light to illuminate the entire Universe, provided it is completely free from all particles of karma!

For instance, if you put a light inside a pot and fix a lid over it, there would not be any light pouring out of the pot; it would only light the inside of the pot. But if you break the pot, how far will the light go? The light will spread around whatever receptacle it is placed in, and throughout the room it is put in. In the same way, if the Soul becomes free of coverings, it pervades all regions of the Universe.

The Soul Is the Real Self, but It Is Covered with Ignorance

Right now, the Soul is in the body. It is full of infinite knowledge and infinite vision, but it is currently covered with ignorance. Ignorance means unawareness of your true identity. So, owing to ignorance, we mistakenly believe the body or the name given to body, as our Self.

Therefore, first of all, you have to attain Self-Realization (Gnan). Once you recognize your Soul, it means that the ignorance over it has been lifted.

When you attain Gnan (Self-Realization) from the Gnani Purush, ignorance will be lifted. Here, through the scientific experiment of separation of ‘I’ and ‘My’, the Gnani Purush breaks those layers of ignorance and the direct light of the Soul starts. Through that direct light, you can experience your Soul.

Thereafter, as one starts abiding by the principles of the Gnani Purush, the karmas gradually begin to discharge and the veils begin to shed. As many layers of ignorance (karma) get shed, that much light of knowledge is exposed. When all the coverings over the Soul get uncovered, the effulgence of the Absolute Soul illuminates the entire Universe. Such is the radiance of the Soul’s light!

Kindly note that the light of the Soul is not visible, unlike that of a bulb or a tube. This is because it is in the form of knowledge. So, do not consider Self-Realization as a process of viewing some visible inner light while experimenting to find out what does a soul look like.

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