How to Stop Worrying : Become free from Worries & Stress

What is worry? Why do worries occur? What is the result of worries? How to stop worrying? The exact understanding is provided here in the form of question/answer and quotes on worries as expounded by Self Realized Param Pujya Dadashri. 

Work gets spoiled with worries, this is a law of nature. Freedom from worries improves work. Important and well to do people suffer from higher levels of stress and worries. Comparatively, labourers do not worry and they sleep well, while their bosses have to take sleeping pills. Those who worry lose their wealth.

What is worry? Thoughts are not a problem. When one gets emotionally embroiled in thoughts, worries start. When this happens, stop.

One can stop worrying if one understands the true knowledge of who is the doer….read on and be free of worry....


What are Worries

Worries are generated from ignorance and egoism. You can stop worrying by getting knowledge of your true self from Spiritual Master.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Worring is the greatest ego.
  2. When worries arise, know that your work will be spoiled. When worries do not arise, know that the work will be done well.
  3. The path of liberation starts the moment you stop worrying.
  4. Oppose adverse circumstances, look for solutions, but do not worry.
  5. Enjoy what is present in front of you. Do not worry about that which is not present.
  6. One has a right to think but when it results in worry, one should stop.
  7. Worries cannot go without acquiring Self Realization.
  8. Carefulness is awareness and worry is to have anxieties, which eat you up from within.
  9. Why worry about things that have happened in the past? Why worry about the things that have no solution? Any intelligent person will understand that there is no solution, so there is no need to worry."
  10. You should not take the worries of one department into the other department. Complete all the work that needs to be done in one division first, where you are.

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