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Live in present. Why worry?

I've met a lot of factory owners of Ahmedabad who while dining with me, would really be lost in the business of their factories. A wife of one such factory owner came and sat before us as we were having our meals and said, 'my husband never eats his food peacefully.' When I asked him the reason, he replied, 'My mind is in the complex affairs of my business.' So I told him, 'don't do that. When your plate is present in front of you enjoy what is there and do not worry about what is not present at this time. Enjoy whatever comes in front of you now. Live in the present.'

When you are in the kitchen, do you go to the bedroom? When you are supposed to attend to a matter at hand do you go elsewhere in your mind ?

Questioner : We go all over.

Dadashri: Those are all departments. So you should not take the worries of one department into the other department. Complete all the work that needs to be done in one division first, where you are. But when you go into the division to eat, you must enjoy your food there and leave your worries of the other division. When you go to the bedroom, leave the worries of kitchen or the office for that department. Man suffers because he does not have such organization and does not compartmentalize his daily life. While he is having a meal, he worries about what he will do when his supervisor gets upset with him. Deal with it when he does. Enjoy your meal now.


What God said is, 'Enjoy what is present in front of you. Do not worry about that which is not present.' That means stay in the present moment in time and enjoy what you have.

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