What is Simandhar City?

It's a dream township spread over 35 acres, providing housing / services to an aggregate of 600 mahatma families in studio apartments, flats, twin-bungalows, bungalows etc. Its a huge spiritual city engaged in spreading peace, permanent happiness and the knowledge of Self (Self Realization) to the entire world.

Simandhar City

"This video introduces Simandhar City, a community of Mahatmas (those who have attained Self-realization), which was envisioned by Pujya Dadashri, built and maintained under the guidance of Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai."

Param Pujya Dadashri had a wish (Extract from Param Pujya Dadashri's wish) -

"A city of mahatma's (All whom have achieved Self Realization) living together would facilitate them in achieving the Absolute state with ease. Such a spiritual environment would aid in increasing devotion for Lord Shree Simandhar Swami and for practicing the five aagnas (instructions given after Self Realization) resulting in their ultimate salvation."

Pujya Niruma fulfilled this wish and the city was inaugurated on 29th Dec 2002.

Simandhar City also houses "Vatsalya", residence of Pujya Niruma & Pujya Deepakbhai and Aptasankul - residence of celibate brothers / sisters who have dedicated their lives to the cause of spreading Akram Vignan to the entire world.

The entire city is well planned with well lit tar/concrete roads as well as large well laid out gardens, plants, trees and landscapes.

The city has a lake, a walking track, club house, bank with 24 hours ATM facility, utility store, health centre, piped gas, high speed internet connection and intercom facility.

More than anything else, the city is symbolized by the spirit of one big family experienced by all residents who have come together from different parts of the world for achieving spiritual progress.

In short, it's a metaphor for… A clean city, green city & pure city!!!

An extension to Simandhar City (Simandhar City Sub-Division II), a much bigger township with identical infrastructure for mahatmas is in various stages of completion.

How to reach this great Spiritual City?

It is situated approx. 20 kms from Ahmedabad City (Gujarat, India) and approx. 18 kms from Ahmedabad Airport.

See map Simandhar City Map

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