Who is Simandhar Swami?

Shree Simandhar Swami is a living Tirthankar who is present in another world known as Mahavideh Kshetra. By praying to Him and accepting His shelter, He can guide us on the path of achieving ultimate bliss and attaining ultimate liberation (moksha).

Where is Simandhar Swami?

Simandhar Swami lives in Pundarikgiri, the capital of Pushpakalavati, which is the eighth division of the total 32 divisions of Mahavideh Kshetra. Mahavideh Kshetra is millions of miles away in the north easterly direction of our world.

Lord Simandhar Swami

"Lord Simandhar Swami, is a fully Enlightened Pure Soul, who has such great power that one can get full Enlightenment just by looking at Him and thereafter go to moksha in the same life."

Tell me about Simandhar Swami…

Lord Simandhar Swami was born between the reign of the seventeenth Tirthankar Shree Kunthunath and the eighteenth Tirthankar Shree Arahanath. Lord Simandhar Swami's father, Shree Shreyans was the king of Pundarikgiri. His mother's name was Satyaki.

At a supremely auspicious moment, Mother Satyaki gave birth to a most handsome son, with unparallelled beauty. The child was born with three types of knowledge (gnan): Mati, shruta and avadhi gnan.

His physical body now stands around 3000 feet tall. Princess Rukamani became the fortunate woman to marry the Lord. Lord Simandhar took diksha, renunciation from worldly life when Lord Rama's father King Dasratha was the reigning king in our world. This was also the time between the existence of the twentieth Tirthankar Munishivrat Swami and Shree Neminath Bhagwan. At the moment of His diksha, He attained the fourth gnan called manaparyay gnan. After a thousand years as a sadhu (ascetic), during which all His Gnan obscuring karmas exhausted, the Lord became fully Omniscient and attained Keval Gnan, full Enlightenment.

Eighty-four ganadhars, one million Kevlis (fully Enlightened), one billion ascetics, one billion nuns, nine hundred billion male and female married followers are surrendered at the feet of the Lord for the universal work of salvation. The Lord's protecting celestial deities are Shree Chandrayan Yakshadev and Shree Panchanguli Yakshini Devi.

Lord Simandhar Swami and nineteen other Tirthankars in Mahavideh Kshetra will attain final liberation after completing their life span of eight million four hundred thousand years. At that momentous time, the ninth Tirthankar of the next cycle of twenty-four Tirthankars, Shree Pedhaada Swami would be present on our earth and the eight Tirthankar Shree Udaya Swami would have just attained nirvana.

How will Simandhar Swami be helpful to me?

'Tirthankar' means 'full moon' (having gained absolute knowledge of the Soul - Keval Gnan). Tirthankar Shree Simandhar Swami is present in Mahavideh Kshetra. In our world (Bharat Kshetra), Tirthankars have ceased to be born since around past twenty-five hundred years. Of all the present Tirthankars, Simandhar Swami is closest to our world and has obligation to help achieve salvation of the people of our world.

Simandhar Swami is now one hundred and seventy-five thousand years old and will live for another one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. Hence, by worshipping him we can be born there in the next life and by obtaining Simandhar Swami's darshan, we can attain ultimate liberation.

Shree Simandhar Swami's enormous idol is right in the middle of the Trimandir. Due to His past karmic ties with Bharat Kshetra, from a previous birth, devotion towards him will help to attain Liberation. By doing His darshan you can achieve His unconditional grace.

Take a look at Shree Simandhar Swami using this 360° panorama:

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