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How to be free from worries? Simple, Acquire Self Realization!

Worries occur when you become the owner of something that is not yours, and you derive pleasure and pain from it. If you enter someone’s home without his permission, would you not be uneasy and nervous? You would be. You would be afraid that someone would get upset with you and throw you out. But if you are in your own home, would you have any tension or worries? You would feel very comfortable and at peace in your own home.

In the same way, when you acquire Self Realization, you recognize your own home and therefore you never experience worries again. You become free from worries forever and begin living a stress-free life. With the grace of the enlightened One (Gnani Purush), it is possible to achieve Self Realization via a scientific process called Gnan Vidhi (Scientific experiment to impart Self Realization, exclusive to Akram Vignan). In the Gnan Vidhi, along with the destruction of the demerit karma of countless past lives, many of the layers of ignorance over the Soul are broken down. At that time, through divine grace, one becomes aware of the Self.

free from worries

Worry-Free State after Self Realization

The Gnani gives you the awareness that worries and anger are something that arise in the non-Self, and not in the Self; thereafter, the conviction that nothing can happen to the Soul / Self (Atma) sets in. After attaining the Atma in an exact manner, only the discharge karmas remain. In that state, there is blockage in the binding of new binding karma while the effects of past causes are unfolding. After that, no further karmas are bound.

When you see your ‘home’, there would not be any worries or frustration and you will experience freedom from the effects of mental, physical, and externally induced problems (samadhi)!

After Self Realization, You will not stumble anywhere, You do not have any worries, nothing affects you, and there is no superior over you; this is what you will experience. You experience endless bliss within; you will not experience any suffering. You will not be affected by any worries or miseries.

Liberation is when your internal peace is not disturbed even when you receive a letter of audit from the income tax office. The final liberation will come later on, but first, you must experience liberation here and now. The latter marks the state of being totally free from worries.

Two Stages of Liberation

Liberation should be such that, even while one lives a worldly life, one remains unaffected by it. Such a stage of liberation is possible through Akram Vignan (the spiritual science of the step-less path to Self Realization)! That is the first stage of liberation. In this stage, you experience a sense of freedom from inner turmoil. Even in the midst of suffering imposed upon you by others or external factors, you experience freedom from that suffering and experience the bliss of the Self. Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan experienced this first stage of moksha all the time.

The second stage of liberation (permanent moksha) is attained when all your karmas are completely exhausted (settled) and you become permanently free from the cycle of birth and death.

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