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How to be free from worries? Acquire Self Realization

Questioner: Why can't we get rid of our worries? What should one do to get rid of them?

Dadashri: There can never be a person whose worries have stopped. Worries blind and fracture all right reasoning and knowledge.

There is not a single person in the world that does not worry. Even the ascetics sometimes will worry.  They don't have to worry about income tax, sales tax, rent etc., but on some days, they will worry too. If they get into some conflict with their disciples, they will have worries. Worries cannot go without acquiring  Self-realization.

In one hour I will take away all your worries. I give you a guarantee that if you have even a single worry thereafter, then get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against me in the courts.  I have made  thousands of people worry-free. Ask from me whatever you want, I will grant that to you. However, ask judiciously. Ask for something that will never leave you. Do not ask for perishable things. Ask for eternal happiness.

If you follow my five Aagnas (commandments) and still have worries, I give you permission to sue me. You have to stay in my Aagnas. Here you will get everything. Do you know what I have promised everybody here? They can sue me for two lakh rupees if they have any worries.

Questioner: After receiving Gnan from you and surrendering my thoughts, speech and actions to you, I do not have any worries.

Dadashri: Yes worries will not occur.

When worries go away it is called samadhi. After this you can do a lot more work and more efficiently than ever before because the entanglement is no longer there. As soon as you go to the office, your work starts. There will be no thoughts about home, no other external thoughts bothering you. Therefore, you will give full concentration to the work at hand.

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