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Should I worry about future?

Are you worried about the future? We worry about the future by imagining situations that are unpleasant. That situation may or may not even happen. By negatively imagining things, we ruin everything. Do you ever wonder about the following?

  • Is there a tomorrow?
  • Is there a need to worry about or plan for tomorrow?
  • To what extent should I prepare?
  • We work today with a vision for tomorrow, then, should I not do something for tomorrow?
  • Will my needs be fulfilled?

Well, let us look for answers to these questions to understand how to stop worrying about the future.

Is there a tomorrow?

Many of us worry about what will happen tomorrow. But we forget that in reality, no one in this world has seen tomorrow. Whenever you look, it is always today. The time that has passed is yesterday. It means the past. What we have in our hands is the present, and tomorrow is in the hands of nature. Therefore, remain only in the present, which is now.

Worrying about tomorrow is the reason for difficulty. So, when there is no such thing as tomorrow, there is no need at all to worry about tomorrow.

When there is no tomorrow, why do we buy tickets in advance?

We make plans, for example, that ‘I want to go to Mumbai on the 25th and to Vadodara on the 28th and book our tickets. Sometimes, it may not even happen. You have that in your vision. You do not see very clearly through that vision. You see it through a “blurry” vision. In the exact vision, you can remain still and “see” clearly. The rule is that you will have a clear vision up to a certain ‘boundary’, and if you go beyond that, then, for the time being you will stumble. So do not look at what you do not need to. If you keep looking at the clock, you are bound to trip over. Therefore, through this vision, look only to a certain distance ahead of you, as you walk.

Will my needs be fulfilled if I stop being worried about the future?


Nature fulfills everyone’s needs when their time comes. But people create hindrances by cursing nature. A well-dressed man will curse nature if it rains on his well-ironed clothes. Many wish that it would not rain on their daughter’s wedding day, but the farmers anxiously wait for it to rain. When such contradictions arise, they obstruct nature. This cosmos functions according to the adjustment between different phases of your feelings and nature. So do not disturb the working of nature. You will encounter everything naturally and spontaneously. Do people ever worry about whether the sun will rise tomorrow? And what would happen if they start to worry about it? There is no end to interference. So do not interfere with nature.

What should my role be while planning for tomorrow?

  • We have no control over our future. It is only when all the evidences come together, that an event takes place. But you are one of the evidences in getting the work accomplished. Your evidence will be strong if you are willing. That is why it is said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
  • Look for the different evidences that are arising in front of you and put in your efforts in that direction. Nature’s law is that, when you have no worries, you stop creating hindrances.
  • We should develop an attitude to accept whatever comes our way. Whatever happens to you is ‘exact’. Accept it.
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