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What will I do if I don’t find a job? I am worried about it.

“I can’t find a job”, “I am worried about my career, living, and future,” “Will I get a job,” “What do I now do?” – Is this your big problem at present?  Well, the vortex of worries seems to have sucked you in having been either laid off from work or not being able to find a job for some time. Do not worry, for with the right understanding and right knowledge, you can surely make your way out.

worry for job

First things first… Stop Worrying!

To be honest, when worries commence, know that things are set to get worse. Worries are an impediment to any work. Instead, actively do something to help your current situation.

Here is a list of things you can do when you think I can’t find a job:

  • Know that, that which goes up and comes down is called life. Whatever is going to happen is bound to happen, so always choose to live in the present moment! 
  • Remember God, pray internally for positive evidences to come forth in life, and put in the required time and effort to find a job.
  • Decide, “Today I need to bring home this much,” and focus on that. At this phase, you cannot be fussy about the type of job you are getting. Even if you get a small or menial job, take it and start working until you find something better. At least you will have some money coming in, and this will put you back on the road very soon.
  • Simultaneously, actively search for a job of your choice. Get the word out. Tell your friends, family and acquaintances, that you are searching for a suitable job. 
  • Sit down with your family, reveal that I can’t find a job, and explain your current situation to them. Tell them you will need their help and support in making it through this tough time. Work together on cutting costs and saving for the time being, until things take a turn for the better. Make a budget and stick to it. Make the necessary adjustments, but never economise on things like food to eat. Live within your means. And do not worry. 
  • Nature’s law regarding wealth is, ‘Wealth abounds in the home of the person who is at peace, is content and remembers God’. Wealth comes to you because of your merit karmas. So be patient, try to help people and at the least, never harness any negative thoughts whatsoever towards any person, no matter what your circumstances may be.
  • Ensure that you resort to absolutely no tricks or deceit in whatever efforts you do to come out of your current situation. Do not ever try to make money through any devious means.
  • Your current situation is a result of the karmic accounts that you created in the past. Spare some time and sincerely apologize for the wrong deeds you have done. Resolve never to repeat them again. 
  • Have faith in God. The person who does not have faith in God will be the one who worries. God says, ‘Do not worry. Leave everything to me’. So the one who believes in God can never worry, for if he truly has faith, he would leave everything to God and sleep soundly. 
  • If you have a spiritual side, this is a good time to spend some time connecting with it. When it is a bearish run going on in your career, make it a bull run in spirituality. The more one's efforts are towards spiritual activity, the sooner the obstacle-karmas will break and favorable circumstances will come. I can’t find a job will soon turn into I found one!

When it is night time, will the dawn break faster if you worry all night or will it seem faster when you sleep peacefully and pass the night? We know the answer, but we cannot help but worry, isn’t it?

So here is some spiritual understanding, which when correctly understood, relieves us from all our stress and worries. Let us study this in some detail…

You worry because you feel, “I am doing all of this”

We believe, “I am the one who makes it happen” and so we have worries such as, “What will I do if I can’t get a job? How will I pay for my living? How will I support my family? Where do I go to get a job?”

When we think, ‘I am the doer of everything in my life. I have to hunt for a job, I have to do a job, I have to pay for my living’, this is called the ego of doership. And worries arise because of this ego of ‘doership.’

Just think about it, ‘Is anything really in our control?’ If it is, then the first thing we would do is secure a job. In reality, we are not the doer. And in one way or another, we have already experienced this. Yet, blindly believing ourselves to be the owner and the doer, we take everything upon ourselves and end up with endless worries. We worry because in our mind we still think, “I am the doer.” This sense of doership results in suffering and worries.

Do you worry at all after having your meals? No.

Why not? Should you not worry whether the digestive juices or enzymes are being released or not; whether new blood will be made and the waste eliminated or not? There is so much going on inside of you that requires care; all the work on the outside is very minor compared to the work that goes on within the body. Yet you are not worried about it! The entity that is managing and taking care of the inside is the same that manages the outside as well.

The real doer is nature. Nature is the regulator of the world, and it constantly keeps the world in regulation. It sprinkles water on the smallest plant wherever it happens to grow. This is the exact order and arrangement of nature. Then, will it not take care of you as well? So, why continuously think that I can’t find a job? Why not think that I will get a job?

Nature tells us, ‘Put forth tremendous effort in order to accomplish a difficult task. But at the same time, do not worry about it.’ So, if someone tells you that they are hiring somewhere, you can and you must make your best effort to secure that job, but you do not have to worry.

What is the result of worries?

result of worries

Worries always ruin things. When going for an interview, if you worry, you are bound to do something wrong. Worries have been the cause of ruin for everything in this world. Worrying reduces the quality of work. This is a law of nature. If there were no worries, the result would be wonderful.

Worry burns us constantly. It takes away all our peace and sleep. It invites disease and depression. It takes away our zest for living. They also bind demerit karmas of obstruction, as a result of which we face obstructions in whatever we intend to do. Such karmas prevent the fulfilment of our desires in the future life too. Thus, worries not only spoil our current life but they ruin our future lives too.

How does one become free from worries even if it is true that I can’t find a job since a few months?

Lack of real knowledge creates worries. When will worries leave permanently? When our sense of doership ceases. When will the sense of doership leave? When Self Realization is attained. How can Self Realization be attained? By meeting the enlightened One who can grace us with Self Realization!

Agreed, you are passing through a very difficult phase in your life. But know that this is a passing phase and you will surely find a suitable job at the opportune time. Until then, invest some of your time in finding more genuine and meaningful relationships that can support you in life i.e. the relationship with God, the relationship with the Gnani and the relationship with Gnan, the right knowledge. Doing so, will convert your phase of darkness into one filled with divine light!

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