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How do I get rid of the fear of losing everything in life?

The fear of losing everything in life can be extremely debilitating. It is likely to include the fear of losing someone, fear of losing control, fear of losing job and fear of losing money. The only key to get rid of it is to know the inherent temporary nature of these materialistic things or qualities in life.


In order to be happy, man continues to acquire things throughout his life. He spends time building and maintaining relationships, because they give him a sense of security and belonging. He puts in a lot of effort for his career, not only to earn more money, but also to earn a higher position. The fame and appreciation received from his work, provides him with a feeling of satisfaction and motivation in life. He also takes care of his body by exercising and consuming a healthy diet, so that he can live a longer and healthier life.

Money, relationships, career, health, etc. are all required to some extent for a person to be happy. If any of these things were permanent, man could have been happy forever. But, this is not the case. When we incur a loss, the money we valued leaves us; our careers end the day we retire; our relationships do not last forever due to misunderstandings or other reasons. Even in a perfect relationship, inevitably one of the two will have to leave the world. No matter how much we care for the body, we are not going to live in this world forever. Thus, the nature (intrinsic property) of all materialistic things is that it is inevitably temporary. It is there one day and not the next.

So, is it worth spending our valuable time worrying about the loss of things that are temporary? Why have fear of losing everything that is temporary?

If we wore a diamond ring, we would fear being robbed, but what if the ring was a fake? Once we understand and accept the value and reality behind each of our possessions, the fear of losing them will naturally leave.

The key here is that the possessions we have, have all been acquired; we were not born with them. So even if we lose everything, the bright side is that we can reacquire it all. No doubt, it is a challenge, but not impossible. What is needed, is some time and patience.

However, if we fear losing the possessions we have, while they are in our possession, then we will never fully be able to enjoy or appreciate them. This means that our possessions go to waste anyway! 

In addition, everything that is created in this world comes with an invisible ticking clock. So, for the little time we do have something is our possession, it is more beneficial if we spend our time actually making the most of it or enjoying it as much as we can. 

Here are real life examples of people who lost their fortunes, but were able to achieve even higher levels of greatness. Can you guess who they are?

  • He made a loss of 900 million dollars in the early 90s. Yet, he continued building new businesses and employing thousands and was able to come back even stronger. He now is a billionaire. Did you guess Donald Trump?
  • He was ousted from the board of the company, he built. So, he sold the company stocks he owned worth millions, which caused the value of the stock to drop practically overnight. The board asked him to come back to finish a project and made him interim CEO. Once he finished the project, he voted out the board who had ousted him, in the first place. Even though he never lost any money personally, he lost power and status for the duration he was ousted. Who was he? You guessed it. It was Steve Jobs.
  • She was America's first self-made female billionaire. She was fined and sent to prison for five months for insider trading, and forced to step down from her own company for five years. After her release she made a highly publicized comeback. She is now more well known that ever before. That's right, Martha Stewart. 
  • His name is now a brand worth nearly 130 billion dollars. His first company went bankrupt and his second company almost went bankrupt during the production of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. However, a loan saved the day, allowing him to pay his staff and the studio till the film was completed, which became a critical and commercial success. Who was He? That's right, Walt Disney.

These are but four examples of people who were able to overcome their adversity despite the huge odds stacked against them. So, the next time you feel the fear of losing everything, including your wealth, power or social status; just think about these successes and ask yourself, 'If they can do it, why can't I?'

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