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Why not to worry?

Worries ruin the work. Worrying will reduce the quality of your work from one hundred percent to seventy percent. Worries obstruct work. If there were no worries, the result would be wonderful.

Everyone knows we are going to die one day. What do people do when they think of death? They push away the thought, "What if something happens to me?" When such a thought enters a person's mind, he pushes it away. In the same token, when worries come to you, you have to say, "Not here," and push them away.

Worries always ruin things. When you drive a car while worrying about your driving skills, you may cause an accident. If you worry while you are conducting your business, then you will do the wrong thing. Worry has been the cause of ruin for everything in this world.

There is nothing worth worrying about in this world. To worry is the 'best foolishness' in this world. The world is not meant for worrying. Only human beings worry, no other creature worry. Billions of other life forms do not worry. Overly wise humans worry all day long and roast in the oven of worry. Worry is pure egoism, nothing else.

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