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Who is the doer?

Who is the doer? The circumstances are the 'doer'. All these scientific circumstantial evidences come together and an event takes place. So the control is not in our hands. We must simply observe the circumstances and see what they are. Once the circumstances come together, the work gets accomplished. It is wrong for a person to expect rain in the month of March. On June 15th (when the monsoon rains are due in India), the circumstances come together. If the circumstances of time are right and yet the circumstance of clouds is not there, then how can it rain? When the clouds are present, the timing is right, there is lightening and when all the other evidences come together, it will rain. All the circumstances must come together. Man is dependent on the circumstances, but he believes that he is doing something. The portion of whatever he 'does' is also dependent upon circumstances. If one of these circumstances were to fall short, then he will not be able to do that particular work.

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