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Why are worries called a sign of ego?

Questioner: Worries are a sign of ego. Can you please explain that?

Dadashri: Why are worries called a sign of ego? Because in his mind, he feels, "I am doing this all," and that is why he has worries.He believes, "I am the one who makes it happen," and so he worries, "What will become of my daughter? What will become of my son? What will happen if this work does not get completed?" He takes everything upon himself. He thinks of himself as being "'the owner" and "the doer". But in reality he is not the doer and yet he takes the load of worries.

In his worldly interactions if he worries constantly, he will have to undergo many more lives. That is because worries cause bondage for new lives.

I am telling you this very subtle, yet very important fact concisely. To date, no man has been born in this world that has the independent energy to evacuate his own bowels. So what is all the egoism for? There is some other force and energy at work. This force is not yours; it is not under your control. You do not know what is under your control. You do not know your own strength and force. This is the reason why you become dependant on other forces. In fact, you and your entire life becomes dependant on forces that are beyond your control.

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