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Can I have worry free business?

Questioner: I worry about my business; there are so many difficulties in my business.


Dadashri: When the worries commence, you should know that things are going to get worse. When you do not worry, you should understand that the work would be completed well. Worry is an impediment to any work. Worries kill the business. That which goes up and comes down is called business; it is puran-galan (input-output). Where there has been puran (input) there is bound to be galan (output).None of our wealth, the wealth of The Self, is to be found in that which increases and decreases. Our real wealth (the Self) is constant. It does not increase or decrease. The world interaction is exact. In your house, your sons and daughter-in-laws are all partners, are they not?

Questioner: They share the joy and the pain.

Dadashri: You are considered the guardian of your wife and children. Why should only the guardian worry? People at home tell you not to worry about them. Will you gain anything from worrying?

Questioner : No, nothing.

Dadashri: There is nothing to be gained through worries. Then why would someone do a business like that? If there is any gain to be had from worry then you should do it.

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