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How to stop worrying?

Worries that eat away at you are meaningless. They harm your health and obstruct whatever is due to you. It is precisely because of worries that such situations arise. One must think about the good and the bad aspects of any situation, but there is no reason to worry. This worrying is egoism. There should not be any egoism. It is because of one's false notion of, 'I am somebody and I am running things,' that he has worries. A person worries because of his false assumptions such as, 'This case will be solved only if I am present.' The ego must be separated, only then is it okay to go on thinking about the essential and non-essential things. If the ego is separated, worries will not eat away at you and if it is not separated, these uncertainties and worries will harm you both mentally and physically. When a person is worrying and his child comes to tell him something, he is likely to become furious with the child and hurt the child. Therefore, worries are destructive in many ways. The ego is such that regardless of whether a person is a wealthy businessman or a pauper, if someone were to say to him, 'You have ruined everything for me', he would have endless worries and anxiety. And the world will say such things regardless of whether you have done so or not.

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