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How to dissolve the tubers of the mind?

tubers of the mind

Path Of Dissolution Of The Mind

Questioner: What should I do when the mind asks for something new everyday?

Dadashri: Do you want to kill the mind or keep it alive?

Questioner: Dada, please take away my mind.

Dadashri: Don’t be silly! The mind cannot be removed. If the mind is removed from your body, you become without a mind. Not even the mental hospital would keep you there without a mind, because even mad people have a mind. The mind thrives on new things and so it will ask for it. It is the nature of the mind to seek different things. In one instance it will say, “Marry a Muslim” and in another it will say, “Marry a Hindu.” Will you not have to find out the one who is saying all this?

Questioner: Who can explore the mind?

Dadashri: The manoyogis (those who practice how to calm the mind) can explore into the mind but they cannot dissolve it. They are able to control the proliferation of the mind. Nevertheless, the tubers of things they like continue to grow. The mind can only be dissolved if you have the exact medicine for it.

On one side the mind discharges and on the other side it charges through illusion. You cannot obstruct the discharging of the mind. The Gnani Purush puts a stop to the charging of the mind so then it is possible for the discharging mind to gradually dissolve. Nevertheless, this can only be done through the weapon of knowledge given by the Gnani Purush. The Gnanis too have a mind. Even Lord Mahavir had a mind, but what kind of a relationship do they have with their minds? It is just like a man standing at the door shaking hand and receiving the wedding guests, one by one (He does not get stuck on one guest). Gnani too observes the salute from each thought that springs forth when the tubers in the mind begin to sprout. He will acknowledge the thoughts one by one as they come forth. The Gnani maintains a relation of gnata-gneya (knower-object to be known) with the thoughts; He does not become one with them. He does not get ‘married’ to them. Not having met a Gnani, has caused one to have all kinds of thoughts and create tubers by becoming engrossed in these thoughts, which give rise to more thoughts and the harassment continues ad infinitum. When you meet a Gnani, He will show you how to dissolve those tubers and then they will melt away.

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