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How can you take control of your mind?

The Gnani can help you control the mind

What did Lord Mahavir say? ‘He who has conquered his mind, has conquered the world and if the mind has not come under control; then one has come under the control of the mind’.

Questioner: What you say is true, but that does not happen.

Dadashri: That does not happen. How can one control his mind, when he is under the control of his mind? How can a man who is bound, become free?

Questioner: What does one have to do in order to control his mind?


Dadashri: Arey! How can the mind be controlled by ‘doing’ anything? This mind has gone astray because of ‘doing’ things.  ‘I have done jaaps (religious chanting), I have done penance.’ On the contrary it has become wayward even more. You are looking to ‘do’ something even after doing so much? And who is the ‘doer’ of the action? It is that which is mechanical. Are you mechanical? Yes, but at the moment the self is mechanical.

Questioner: We have come to you with white clothing.  Please ‘dye’ our clothing now with a fast color. 

Dadashri: Yes, ‘we’ will dye it with a fast color.  Not a fast color but ‘we’ will give you Liberation (moksha) in the palm of your hands. Moksha in your hands!  And that too, the mind will be under control. Is it possible for peace to prevail as long as the mind is out of control? What do you call the one who controls the mind? He is called God. It will take time for you to become God, but I will help you control your mind. Your mind will remain under your control. What else do you need? I will give you the divine inner vision (divyachakshu). Then you will see God wherever you go. You will not see him with these physical eyes.

Once God (Pure Soul) comes under one’s control (once you have the Knowledge of your Real Self), then everyone’s mind will come under control. Once ‘God’ comes under your control, you can control anything.

Which is the method to control the mind? If you can gain some knowledge and understanding of ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is all this and what is it for?’- then you can have control over your mind. Or if you get rid of your opinions, then your mind will definitely remain under your control. Due to your past opinions, whatever reaction it has will arise, but if you stop forming new opinions, then you will have a lot of joy.  Then your mind will begin to come under your control.

Questioner: There are many who say to turn the mind (mun) into a non-mind (amun); a state of being mindless. I am asking you about a mindless state.

Dadashri: Yes, it means that mind is considered to have become non-mind (amun). So, when ‘we’ give you Gnan, the mind is already brought under control. But many people have their own weakness and do not know how to take advantage of this. Otherwise, it is possible to have the mind remain constantly under control because this is the fruit of Akram Science. There is no way of controlling the mind in the Kramic Path. One has to keep beating it down all the way to the very end. One has to keep renouncing his desires by, ‘I do not want to eat this sweet, I do not want to eat this today etc.’ They continue to renounce all their desires.  So many desires!  Whereas, through the process of this science (Akram),  they go away easily, naturally and spontaneously.

Questioner:  What kind of Gnan is it that you give?

Dadashri: ‘We’ do not give you just Gnan alone, ‘we’ also help you bring your mind under control. Your mind which does not remain under your control, ‘we’ bring it under your control and ‘we’ destroy to ashes, your demerit karmas (paap). They are destroyed by the ‘fire’ of Gnan. If you want control of your mind, then come here to acquire the knowledge of ‘Who am I?’ Do you want to have the awareness of your real Self for a few hours or forever? 

Questioner: Forever.

Dadashri: Then come here. Do you want to control your mind? Do you want to control it in your old age?

Questioner: It will be nice if you can do that for me, otherwise I cannot control it.

Dadashri: I will do that. If a person goes to someone’s home and sees a jalebi (dessert) on a plate, he will say, ‘it will be nice if we get some jalebi for us.’ Arey! What do you need jalebi at this old age for? Even in his old age, his mind is looking for all this as he sits idle the whole day. Everything he has seen, comes to his mind; all the upaadhi (external worries). He cannot tell anyone at home to bring him some jalebi. They will say, ‘Why are you asking for this when you are old now?’ So what if a person is old?  Has the mind become old? The mind always remains fresh.

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