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Why am I a weak-minded person? How can I make a decision quickly?

Who does the nischaya – who makes the firm decision?

Questioner: Why does my mind remain weak?


Dadashri: Your body remains healthy, does it not? Is that so? Then let the mind be weak, why do you care?  A strong mind will suck the life out of you. What do you consider weak? Does it not show its power?

Questioner: Determination does not remain. Meaning whatever decision (nischaya) I make, I cannot adhere to it.

Dadashri: The mind does not do nischaya (make a decision) at all. It just keeps showing pamphlets. The buddhi (intellect) is the one that makes a decision (does the nischaya). Therefore there is some weakness in the buddhi. The mind will keep showing the ‘pamphlets’ of ‘we will go this way! We will take a taxi.’  It will show you everything; it will show you everything there is but you need the decision of the buddhi. Is that why nischaya does not occur? Can you not make a fast decision?

Questioner: No.

Dadashri: It is the fault of the buddhi, not the mind. You are not able to make a quick decision when a quick decision is called for. When ‘we’ give you the Gnan, the energy of your buddhi will increase. Then you will be able to make quick decisions. What other difficulties do you have?

Questioner: All kinds of thoughts arise in this restless and wavering mind. What should one do to realize (materialize) a single thought?

Dadashri: When you realize (materialize) a thought, it will become restless and wavering again. Instead, it is better not to pay any attention to that thought. What happens if you were to give some alcohol to a monkey? It will cause it to jump around. Then if a scorpion were to sting it, you just watch the fun thereafter!

Questioner: My question is that from all these thoughts if we want one thought to be realized, what should one do?

Dadashri: Which thought do you want to realize (materialize)?

Questioner: Business related.   

Dadashri: Yes, you have to decide that. Which ever thought comes, you have to make a firm decision that ‘this is exactly what I want to do now’ and thus that thought will materialize immediately. If you make a firm decision on a particular thought that ‘I want to do this and nothing else’, things will become straight forward; it will find the right path.

That is what you are asking, is it not? Are you asking something else? Make a decision, and then nobody is going to stop you. If your decision is right, then not even God is going to stop you because God cannot obstruct anyone. Otherwise He will lose his status as God. Therefore He too understands ‘I will lose this degree’. He too is worried about that.

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