Freedom from Fear and Suspicion

Does fear really exist?

Think about it, you fear the future, which is yet to happen. It is merely a creation of your imagination.

Fear is inherent in every living being, but it is present within normal limits. They feel fear only when the circumstances of fear arise. Humans however, suffer from wrong fear (viparit). Viparit means that, after a single fearful situation has occurred, one will see or imagine hundreds more in the future. It is also viparit fear, to feel fear where there is nothing to fear. For example, you may have only invited one guest for dinner, but you fear as if a hundred are coming. This is viparit fear. Viparit fear is false fear, it is illusionary and highly aggravated in intensity.

A single seed of suspicion grows into a jungle

Sometimes suspicious thoughts may arise within you and if these thoughts are allowed to linger, even for a short while, they will reach the opposite person and proliferate. As we do in algebra, we should just cross out suspicions. Once there is suspicion about a person, there is separation from that person. The echoes of suspicion will inevitably reach the other person. Therefore, there should be no suspicion.

Suspicion is removed by finding out whether or not your suspicion has any foundation. Once you know the truth, you will able to face the situation with confidence. You can also become free from suspicious doubts by immediately doing pratikraman, as explained by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Suspicion and fear are like cause and effect. When the power of intellect does not bring about a solution, one gets puzzled and then suspicions are created. The whole world lives in the atmosphere of suspicion and fear, ‘this will happen and that will happen’. Suspicion gives rise to fear and fear creates suspicion. They are both like cause and effect.

Get freedom from fear and suspicion with the solutions below:

How to Overcome Exam Fear?

Do you know how can one be free from the fear of examination? Pujya Niruma used to ask the kids to say each day 100 times-"I am full of infinite knowledge".So by positive attitude and by grace of Dada Bhagwan it is possible to overcome that fear of giving the exam.


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Spiritual Quotes

  1. The rule is: 'No one will insult you when you no longer fear insults'. As long as there is fear, the 'transactions' will keep coming but they will cease when your fear is gone.
  2. If a person is fearless, then if someday he decides to take matters in his own hands, he will be able to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Therefore, you should have fearlessness such that you are convinced that nothing can happen to you.
  3. So there should be no suspicion in the work you are doing and if suspicion does arise, then do not proceed with that work. Your work will not be successful from the moment you start to have suspicions about your work.
  4. Suffering comes to those who fear it.
  5. If it were possible to change things through fear, repression and intimidation then there would be an end to democracy in government and we would have totalitarian regimes that would incarcerate human beings and even hang them.
  6. Some people say that they employ deceit and deception out of fear, but fear of what? The one with the fault will have fear, is that not so?
  7. Suspicion is removed by doing proper pratikraman. One has to repent against suspicion. One should not become careless about it. The one who did the suspecting, the one who was in violation, should be made the doer of repenting.
  8. In the worldly life, what is misery? It is the pain created from wrong suspicions.
  9. Nowadays most of the quarrels at home arise from suspicions. Suspicions create vibrations which create a blazing fire. And if one becomes suspicion free, the fire will extinguish on its own. How can the flames be put out if both parties are suspicious? There is no choice but for one of the two to become suspicion free.
  10. The one who begins to have doubts, for him complete destruction occurs. Having doubts is a sign of timidity. The entire world is ‘scientific circumstantial evidence’. Where is the basis for doubts then? You are the owner of the entire universe; ‘I’ am ready to give you proof.
  11. There is no solution for suspicions. There is solution for real facts. There can never be a solution for suspicions.
  12. What is the reason for fear? You consider yourself as temporary; Fear vanishes with the understanding – vision of ‘I am the eternal Self’!
  13. Why should you have any fear after becoming the Purush? For you the state of swa-purusharth and swa-parakram have arisen, i.e. for you, you have come into your own domain as the Soul; you are the 'Knower' and the 'Observer' and your energies of the Self have arisen, so why fear anything?
  14. Abhaya-daan is higher than gnan-daan, but ordinary people cannot give abhaya-daan! Only the Gnanis and his followers of enlightened beings can give abhaya-daan.

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