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How to eliminate negative thoughts with positive thoughts?

Eliminate negative through positive

Questioner: But as one thinks positive then good thing will happen, will it not? Such a person thinks only the positive and that everything will indeed be fine and I want to be that way only.

Dadashri: Yes, then there is no problem. But one time you should remove that negative word. Then you should think positive. Otherwise the force of that word will increase on one side and that word will continue to increase. It cannot happen for both. First you should subtract. You should remove that word.

One person says, ‘I see less through my eyes.’ He was thirty-five years old and says, ‘I see less.’ Hey, change your eyes. Will the phases of eyes not change? Do you want to keep the same phases of your eyes for ever? I told him, ‘Speak, ‘I can see well.’

Questioner:  I can see well.

Dadashri: If you speak too much like this that ‘I can see better’ then you will start seeing better. Now I am seventy four years old today, but let me tell you when I became forty-two years old. So then what our people say, ‘you are forty-two years old so you will not be able to read that newspaper.’ We have heard from people that when you become forty-two years old then your sight will become dim (betala- dimness of sight that comes to man at forty-two). So I said, ‘I am forty-two so I got betala. So I brought spectacles.’ I brought spectacles and then I wore for year to year and a half. After then once I had left my spectacles there and one man came and he started looking. Then he says, ‘Let me read this newspaper a little.’ I said, ‘Go ahead and read.’ He says, ‘What can I say, I can see very good through your glasses.’ Then I said, ‘Now take them. Now don’t bring them back.’ And then I started reading right away, and I started to see. I could see all small letters. Even now I can see all small letters. Even now I can read ‘Times of India’ at sixthirty in the evening. Everybody can read during the day time but I read that at sixthirty in the evening. So what should we speak?

Questioner:  It is good, we should speak positive.

Dadashri: If you uttered negative then put it on side. You put it down or redirect to Dada. It does not need any ticket. It (negativity) stays there because of not finding an original owner.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #16 Paragraph #5 to #12 , Page #17 - Paragraph #1) 

One becomes what one envisions

Questioner: Due to this positive vision (drashti) Dada looks completely young at this age too.

Dadashri: Everybody says this everyday. Then I also would see in a mirror, how does ‘this one’ look? I can see ‘him’ young too. When everybody says then it will have effect within, will it not? Otherwise ‘I am old,’ I will never speak such a thing. This is because I am Shuddhatmapure Soul, only this body will become old. He will not speak. How will he speak without asking us? He will say in worldly interaction (vyavahar) that, ‘Brother, this one is old.’ But I cannot speak ‘I am old.’ This is because ‘I am Shuddhatma’ so all our accounts are of different kind. After becoming ‘I am Shuddhatma’ if you utter that ‘I am old’ then you will become like that. So if you say, ‘I am old’ You are not speaking for Your Self, but inside ‘You’ know that ‘I’ am separate and this is being said for *Chandubhai—the relative self. So You will not have effect. Everything is effective. If you uttered one word in this world then everything is effective.

If *Chandubhai says that ‘I am sick’ then ‘You’ should understand within that *Chandubhai is sick, but not You—the Self!

Questioner: Yes, Dada. I should say for *Chandubhai. And my health is good, I have to speak such positive.

Dadashri: So ‘My health is good’ say like that. If *Chandubhai says that ‘My health is bad.’ Then You should say, ‘No, it is good.’ There is nothing any more in this, but he will feel peace. However, if you say, ‘My health is good’ then it will become good. If you say ‘My health is bad’ then it will become bad. So you will become what You envision (chintavan).

Good things get ruined by speaking the opposite; similarly by speaking good-saying positive about the negative-the bad things improve.

Chandubhai* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding. 

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #18 - Paragraph #2 to #7)

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