Is Competition Good? Compete with Yourself Not with Others

A desire to be something and to have something makes everyone run in an endless race! In this race who do you compete with? The people who are running alongside you, behind you or the people in front of you? Naturally, you compete against the people who are running beside you.

But, is competition good? When you compete with others your concentration gets diverted and your energy gets wasted. Your goal becomes to beat the competition, instead of reaching your own goal. Therefore, your own goal gets sidelined.

In reality, you should compete with yourself. Your true competition should be with your past self and you should always strive to become better than you were yesterday. This is possible by remaining sincere to yourself and towards your goal.

This is exactly what the Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dadashri, teaches us in a practical and scientific way. Get set on your road to success without competition.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. No one has been successful in this ‘race course’. One simply dies of exhaustion from running. ‘We’ (the Gnani Purush, the enlightened one) never take part in this race. ‘We’ would simply tell, ‘Dear Man, I am not capable.’
  2. ‘We’ are telling you from ‘our’ experiences of life after life, that all the running of countless lives has been a failure and completely worthless! I have run so hard, hard enough to be sitting on the top but I have also suffered miserably in the process. Instead why not run away form this racecourse! Let us discover our true domain…it is, oh my…gigantic”!
  3. Even if you run in ‘this’ racecourse for endless lives, you will get cheated in the end; such is this world! Everything you do will go to waste. And on top of that, there is no end to the beating you will get. Instead, run away from here and find our ‘Real Place’! That, which is our ‘Original Self-form’!
  4. This is Akram Vignan [Akram Science - the stepless spiritual science of direct realization of the Self]. Once you pull out from the racecourse [competitive worldly life], your 'personality' will shine then. Those in the racecourse will never have personality; not a single person.
  5. No one has been able to win this world. That is why ‘we’ have made a very profound discovery that will help win this world. ‘‘We’ sit here defeated; if you want to win, then come [to me]’.
  6. The one who blesses the winner, after having lost himself, will attain liberation (moksha); he will become “complete”.
  7. If you try to win, you bind (create) enmity, and if you acknowledge defeat, you will be freed from enmity. 
  8. If you say that you have accepted defeat, the world will let you go. ‘We’ have discovered this. Because, we had tried to win over the world and in doing so, we had to go through many incarnations. And in the end, I said that I have acknowledged defeat and settled down.
  9. If we want to be free [get liberated], don’t compete. As long as there is competition, the other person will hide his faults and we will hide ours.
  10. Where there is competition, one cannot attain (true) 'Knowledge'.
  11. Competition is a bad company [kusang, the company which will bring our downfall].
  12. There is worldly life where there is competition and where there is no competition, there is ‘Gnan’, (true) Knowledge.
  13. Competition is a dangerous disease.
  14. By believing, ‘I am greater than everyone’, one enters into a ‘race course’ (competition) and on to the wrong path through unawareness. With laghuttam ego one gradually becomes smaller and smaller until he becomes completely laghuttam; therefore one becomes Paramatma, the absolute Self. 

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