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How to practice celibacy / brahmacharya?

There are two things in the world that one should not waste. One is money and other is semen. One should practice celbacy/bramacharya as much as possible. The ultimate extract of our nourishment is semen and it is dissipated and lost in sex or masturbation. There are certain nerves in the body that help preserve semen and this in turn protects the body. Therefore bramacharya should be preserved as much as possible. One should identify what are the consequences of sex and what are the benefits of practicing bramacharya.

The presence of bramacharya in the mind, the body and the speech results in wonderful power of mind, wonderful power of body and wonderful power of the speech.

Celibacy is the best tool for health and spiritual progress. Celibacy with exact understanding leads to ultimate bliss and moksha. With the exact understanding, one would be inclined to follow the path of celibacy/brahmacharya and would oppose sexuality from all aspects.

Everyone agrees that Celibacy/brahmacharya should be practiced. But how should it be done? No one has ever shown the way.

On this page, you will find a precise and clear road map on how to practice celibacy. People will be shocked to read the horrors of current and future dangers of sexuality and would say, 'We never knew this!'


Spiritual Quotes on "How to practice celibacy / brahmacharya?"

  1. Those who desire the pleasures of worldly life and have a desire for material things, they should get married and those who do not like worldly pleasures and are seeking eternal happiness, should not get married.
  2. Sexuality is not poison. Fearlessness in sex is poison.
  3. After earning merit karmas over countless lives, one attains birth in a family with good culture and high moral standing. But all this is lost in pursuit of sex and money.
  4. We can release you of your sins that are already committed, but you must avoid committing new sins. Here, there is a solution for the sins that have already been committed.
  5. Not getting married and continuing to be sexually active with many persons is a very dangerous and earns you the right to go to hell.
  6. No religion accepts sexuality in spiritual matters. Those who accept and allow sexuality in spiritual path are on the wrong path, in fact on the path opposite of liberation, the path to hell.
  7. If you have a wife, then you both have to reach an acceptable solution for both in sexual matters. Your sexual dealing should be such that it is acceptable by both of you. Stop any interaction, which is acceptable to one and not to other. You should not hurt your wife in any manner.
  8. If you can visualize the entire life of this woman that you are attracted to, you will be free from the attachment and the attraction. If you visualize with understanding what she looked like in the womb, what she looked like when she was born, when she was a little baby, when she becomes very old, when paralysis occurs, when she is about to be cremated, you do not need to be taught renunciation.
  9. If you are living a married life, you may indulge in sex that is rightfully yours and never even think about that which is not yours, because the consequences of illicit sex are very grave
  10. Stay as far away from the company of those who are likely to trap you in sexuality, because if you get trapped even once, you will keep on getting into trap after trap.

Science behind "How to practice celibacy / brahmacharya?"

  1. The attraction between a man and a woman is just like the attraction between a needle and a magnet.
  2. Without celibacy / brahmacharya, the Self can never be attained.
  3. Where do quarrels occur in this world? Only where there is infatuation and attraction. For how long the quarrels exist? As long as sexual interaction exists, quarrels exist.
  4. If no sexual attraction occurs in this life, yet when you see a certain young man and you feel, 'This man is so handsome, he is so good looking'. Then you have instantly sown a seed for your next life. With this, sexual attraction will occur in your next life.
  5. When an intense dislike for sex arises, only then would sex stops. Otherwise, how else can it be stopped?
  6. Eradicate the sexual thought immediately. Do pratikraman for any attraction of a sexual nature. With these two weapons, celibacy / brahmacharya will remain forever
  7. In sexuality, the more a person enjoys it, the more he has a burning desire for it.

Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

Questioner: Sometimes circumstances arise that causes me to become involved in physical attraction and sexual thoughts, what should I do at that time?

Dadashri: Use the same experiment that I had used for myself. For me this experiment is constantly in place and it had kept me aware even before enlightenment. When my eyes fall on someone wearing beautiful clothes, a saree worth two thousand rupees, I become aware and my first vision see her without clothes. Then a second awareness arises and I see the body without the skin and then the third awareness arises and I see the intestines, the kind you see when the stomach is cut open. I can also see changes that occur within the intestines. I can see blood vessels; I can see fecal matter etc. I can see all the refuse this way. Then there is no chance of sexual impulse arising, is there? In all this, the Soul is the only pure thing and that is where my vision stops. Therefore how can any illusion over sex ever occur?

8 Keys to remain in Brahmacharya

8 Keys to remain in Brahmacharya

  1. Eradicate the sexual thought immediately. Do pratikraman for any attraction of a sexual nature. With these two weapons, celibacy / brahmacharya will remain forever.
  2. The women are not pulling and attracting you. It is your past life account that is pulling and attracting you. Therefore uproot and throw it (sexual impulses) away and clear the account.
  3. Now, from here on if you dose off, get attracted and tempted sexually with certain person, you have to ask for energy of celibacy / brahmacharya from the pure Soul of that person, by saying, 'O pure Soul! Give me the strength to maintain my brahmacharya with the entire world'. It is good if you ask for strength from 'Dada' but it is best to ask directly from the pure Soul of the person who is pulling you.
  4. How can sexuality remain if you see only the Soul of the person?
  5. Pratikraman and firm resolution (nischaya) are the armies to be maintained. Then the continued darshan of the 'Gnani Purush' is necessary. If you become remote from this darshan of the Gnani Purush you may have problems with celibacy / brahmacharya.
  6. You must do pratikraman as soon as sexuality arises through the meeting of the eyes.
  7. He who wants to practice celibacy / brahmacharya must not look with sexual intent at any one.
  8. You have to do pratikraman for all the mistakes that have occurred till today and make a firm decision not to repeat those mistakes in future.

Download Books on "How to practice celibacy / brahmacharya?"

Brahmacharya: Celibacy With Understanding

Brahmacharya: Celibacy With Understanding



બ્રહ્મચર્ય (ઉત્તરાર્ધ)

બ્રહ્મચર્ય (ઉત્તરાર્ધ)

બ્રહ્મચર્ય (પૂર્વાર્ધ)

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समज से प्राप्‍त ब्रह्मचर्य(संक्षिप्त)

समज से प्राप्‍त ब्रह्मचर्य(संक्षिप्त)
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