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How does celibacy help to prevent relationship fights?

The sages and the ascetics did not have any problems or quarrels. They lived as friends with their wives and did not have any husband wife fight. As friends together, they would raise their son and daughter, whereas for these people sex continues as always. Now what is the problem when it goes on forever? One is hungry (for sex), the other one is not, and so the one that is not hungry will say that he or she is not ready. And the other ones will say he or she is hungry. When this happens, the one who is hungry pressurizes their spouse and due to that, enmity is created. That is where all the relationship fights and bickering is. All the nagging and bickering is due to sex. Otherwise, there can be a wonderful friendship for their whole life. They will remain sincere to each other. There is no nagging or husband and wife fighting throughout the whole day.


Sexual interactions between man and woman begin the laying of the claims and demands for and against each other. This is because in sexual interaction, both claim to be the owner, there is only one ‘ownership’ between the two, whereas the viewpoint of the two are different! So if one wants to become free then it is worth not committing this offense and for the one for whom sexual interaction is mandatory then he or she has to settle the matter.

As long as sexual relation exists, interference and its reaction quarrels will exist for sure. We know that when sexual relation with her stops, then interference with her will definitely stop. Interference leads to clash. No other solution has been found other than stopping sexual interaction with her.

The root cause of attachment and abhorrence is sexual interaction. The original cause is sexual interaction. This is the starting point of all raag-dwesh (attachment-abhorrence) that perpetuates wandering life after life. Therefore, if you want to stop this cycle of recurrent worldly interactions, then you have to stop sex. If you can eat mangos and whatever else you like! No one is there to question you even if you eat mangos worth twelve rupees per dozen. This is because mangos will not file a claim against you. If you do not eat mango then it will not fight with you but in this relation (sexual interaction) if you say, ‘I do not want to’, then she will say, ‘no, I want it for sure.’ If she says, ‘I want to go to a movie,’ and if you don’t go, then there will be a fight. You will be in big trouble. This happens because the opponent is laden with ego of, ‘I am so and so’, and prone to ‘bind contracts’ and so she will file a claim against you. 

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