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Ultimate Key on How to Stay Celibate - Three Vision

The moment your eyes fall upon someone and the spark of attraction ignites, you have to stop the spark before it goes any further.

How do you do that?

By applying Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s unique key of ‘Three Vision.’ This key can help anyone practice celibacy and instantly destroy the sexual attraction that arises for anyone.

What is the first vision?

In the first vision, you have to imagine the person you are attracted to without clothes.

What is the second vision?

In the second vision, you have to imagine the same person without any skin.

What is the third vision?

In the third vision, you have to imagine how their body looks with all the organs exposed. You have to see the stomach, intestines, etc…

three vision

Now what?

What remains in a body without clothes, skin and organs? Would you still be attracted to this temporary body?

In this entire body, the only pure thing, permanent thing is - the Soul!

What are the benefits of applying this three vision?

By applying this vision, the sexual attraction that had arisen for that person disappears and this is how to stay celibate.

Param Pujya Dadashri gives us more understanding on the matter:

Dadashri: What would you find if you cut open a well-groomed and well-dressed man? Ladies deluded with the illusion of sexuality do not see in this manner and so they become overwhelmed by his good looks. I can clearly see through him. Would you not be disgusted if all these men were to remove all their clothes and walk around?

Questioner: Very disgusted.

Dadashri: Therefore, they all look good because of their clothes. Would they even look good without clothes? All these cows, buffalos, dogs, goats, etc., look good without clothes but not man. No one will give you such knowledge, will they? No one will explain you things in such details, will they? So then attraction is bound to arise, is it not? Just remember, ‘Dadaji has said it is all filth, so then how can attraction arise?’ If a man or a woman walk around with nicely groomed hair, what does that have to do with us? What will you find if you cut them open? What happens if you peel him like you peel a gourd? Will you not see garbage within? If someone has infection and pus oozing out from his leg and you are asked to clean it up for him, will you enjoy doing that? And if you have a boyfriend and he does not have any infection, then you would like to touch him, would you not? But, he is full of garbage within. You cannot even touch him. Where is there anything worthy of having infatuation (moha) for? But one has not thought about it that way. No one has told her all this.

Everyone looks beautiful because they go around dressed up in beautiful clothes, but on the inside, it is exactly that way. One becomes deluded, just because refuse is covered with a beautiful silk cloth. If there is only flesh then there is no problem but if you cut open the intestines and everything else, then what will come out from within? So no one has thought about this unique vision at all. If one had ever thought about this, then his vision will not go over there again.

The body is just meat covered with a silken sheet. Would you like to touch and see it if the sheet is removed? In the same way, if someone has a burn and it is oozing with pus, would you like to rub your hand over it?

In reality, the body is temporary, our vision should be focused on the God within who is permanent. If we see the God within, then there arises no cause of attachment or abhorrence on the body.

Param Pujya Dadashri has given us a way to get rid of our sexual attraction by telling us to apply three vision and see the God within the person that is passing by. Nothing else is left to see when you see the God within him/her. The rest is considered to have picked up rust. Some may have red rust, some may have yellow rust, some may have green rust, but you have to see just the iron [the God within], do you not? And you have been given the solution to deal with the rust you see by applying three vision.

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