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Are there any celibacy rules (brahmacharya rules) one who is practicing celibacy should follow?

To awaken the inner intent for celibacy and to make strong determination for celibacy, it is extremely essential to receive constant guidance from a living Gnani Purush (who is completely free from sexuality); yet, it is equally essential that one has the inner alertness to attain a ‘safe side’ for celibacy from all different directions. To have the alertness to escape ‘safely’ from ‘unsafe’ place and to have the protection given by the presence of mind in ‘practical’ situations is essential.


The following collection of celibacy rules (brahmcharya rules) has been outlined for you, the seeker of brahmacharya, who has made a firm decision (nischaya) that regardless of what happens; you will not have anything to do with sex, at any cost: 

  • You should refrain from watching videos, reading books or looking at images that create sexual desires or impulses within you.
  • Do not indulge in sexual fantasies about anyone; if they occur then you have to erase them right away with pratikraman.
  • You should avoid the company of the opposite sex.
  • You should avoid eye contact.
  • Avoid touching at all costs even by mistake.
  • You should not talk about sex and you should not even listen to anyone talking about it.
  • You should avoid all circumstances that may lead to a sexual encounter.
  • If thoughts of sex arise in the mind, you must ask for forgiveness (pratikraman) The fault that occurs through the mind (sexual thoughts) can be tolerated, there is a solution for that. The fault that occurs through speech and action (act of sex) must never occur. Purity is must!
  • Those who want to practice brahmacharya must be aware of the fact that sexual impulses increase with certain foods. These types of foods should be decreased. Fatty foods, such as those with fats and oils, should not be consumed.
  • You should also decrease the amount of milk intake.
  • You can eat curries, rice, vegetables, and chapattis, just reduce the amount you consume.
  • Do not overeat. The amount of food you eat should be such that you do not feel lethargic. Eat only enough to make you sleep three to four hours at night.
  • You should not eat a lot at night; eat more in the afternoon if you want to. You cannot stop semen from discharging if you eat a lot at night.
  • You should not eat any kandmood - root crop such as onions, garlic, potatoes, etc.
  • Remain in an environment of satsang (company of Self-Realized people), that way you will not become spoilt (deluded) whereas you will be doomed by associating with kusang (worldly environment). Kusang (bad company) is poison. Stay as far away from kusang as you can. It affects your mind, your intellect, your chit, ego and your body. The effect of one year of associating with bad company will last upto twenty five years.
  • You should remain in the company of celibates otherwise you cannot be recognized as celibate.
  • All the celibates have to live together. A place where they can sit together and talk; do satsang and have some fun times as well. It becomes a problem if they do not live together but go to their own homes instead. Celibacy cannot be practiced without associating with other celibates. There should be a group of at least fifteen to twenty celibates. There is no problem if they all live together. An association of two or three does not work. You will continue to have the influence from a group of fifteen or so. This maintains the atmosphere at a very high level. Otherwise it is not easy to practice celibacy.
  • It is important to have a living Gnani Purush (who is completely free from sexuality) above you, to whom you are answerable. They can provide you with the necessary guidance on your celibacy and you can disclose your mistakes to them. By doing this you do not provide protection to your mistakes of sexuality and thus you nourish your celibacy. By following whatever guidance they provide you, you can come out of your mistakes of sexuality and progress spiritually.

Although the above celibacy rules (brahmacharya rules) are for everyone who is practicing celibacy, by obtaining Self Realization it becomes easier to practice celibacy.   

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