Is God just? Why injustice?

How is it that sometimes the innocent man ends up in jail and the guilty man is set free? Where is the justice? The men of principle suffer while those without principles enjoy life.Why would God allow suffering

Why are there thieves and pickpockets in this world? 

Why are there so many natural disasters? Why do we have earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods? Is this the will of God?

Is God just or unjust? Who is responsible for injustice in my life?

How is one to understand this? 

Pujya Dadashri has imparted his extraordinary knowledge with us that in reality injustices do not exist in this world. 'Whatever has happened, is justice.' The application of this sentence in your life will bring peace, and during adverse times, internal harmony will prevail.

Read on to explore the hidden secrets of justice and injustice in our life.

Whatever happens is justice

This video explores the world's seeming injustice, and offers Dada Bhagwan's spiritual understanding for resolving the suffering of injustice.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If you understand and accept that, 'Whatever happens is justice', you will sail through life, unhindered.
  2. If you question nature's justice, you will invite puzzles and suffering.
  3. Justice that prevails in law courts may be unjust at times, but nature's justice is always exact.
  4. Nature regulates everything, but man complains because of his selfishness.
  5. If you understand nature's justice , which says, 'Whatever happens is in itself justice'; it will liberate you.
  6. It is your intellect that traps you and makes you question the justice of nature, which is all encompassing.
  7. The cause of the intellect is our own pursuit of justice. If we stop looking for justice, the intellect will go away.
  8. God has neither justice not injustice. His language is such that no living being should suffer. Justice and injustice only exist in the human language.
  9. People however, are out to look for justice and desire liberation as well. This is a contradiction.You cannot have both. Where questions end liberation begins.
  10. To understand things 'as they are', is Gnan (knowledge of the self) itself and not to understand things 'as they are' is ignorance.

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