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Is it so that God created the world?

The fact is that God is not the creator of this world at all!      

If we say God is the Creator, it raises many questions, for which there are no answers, such as:

did god create this world

  1. If God created the world, then who created God?
  2. How would God have created the world? Would He have toiled like a potter to create one thing after another? 
  3. Is God partial? Then why did He make one person poor and the other filthy rich in His world?
  4. If God is infinite bliss, then why did He fill this world with worries and miseries?
  5. When it rains, does God go to make the water?

No, these are all natural adjustments!

For example: When two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen come together along with other evidences, it results in the formation of water. No one has to sit and make it, it happens on its own, automatically.

This world is run solely by scientific circumstantial evidences. In the above example, hydrogen, oxygen, air, time, space, etc., are called the scientific circumstantial evidences. Countless evidences come together make something happen. Whether they come together or not is a natural process, which is governed by the laws of nature. When they come together the work at hand is completed, and when they do not, the event does not take place...

On what basis is this decided?

Whatever karmas one binds in this life creates causes, the results of which have to be experienced in the next life as effects. The whole world thus functions on the foundation of this karmic ‘effect’.

It is nature that keeps everything and everyone organized. God does not meddle in this natural process at all.

That is why Lord Krishna has said, ‘God has not created this world; it has come about naturally.

What is God’s role then?

God resides in every ‘creature’ in the form of pure consciousness, and remains the Knower and the Seer of whatever happens. He is always immersed in His own infinite bliss, which is the bliss of the Self.

The Self means our Self, the real Self; and that is the Pure Soul.

Out of ignorance we create our world of suffering

Out of ignorance we believe ourselves to be our name or our body or our nature. However, the fact is that none of this is our real Self; they are all mere karmic effects. Good causes produce good effects and we get a good nature, a good body and a healthy mind. On the other hand, bad causes produce bad effects.

By wrongly believing these karmic effects to be our self, we keep binding karma after karma (causes after causes) and we keep creating our new world of suffering. Causes will not stop as long as, ‘I am John*’ (*the reader may insert his name) is engrained in our belief. Only when the enlightened One (Gnani) awakens us and makes us realize our True Self, will the causes stop and with it the creation of the new world will stop.

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