Positive Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship

When it comes to family life, everyone strives to figure out how the relationship between parents and children can become ideal. Every parent tries to find the perfect way to raise their children with discipline and good moral values, but it is not an easy feat. And it is important to know that the parent-child relationship is a two-way street, in other words it is actually a partnership between a parent and their child.

A garden with different flowers becomes beautiful when it blossoms. Similarly, if parents learn how to be a ‘gardener’ and are able to recognize their child’s personality and nourish it, then their ‘garden’ will become fragrant!

Parents have to take the initiative to fill the gap between the two generations. If parents can understand the balance of where to place boundaries, where to encourage, and where to discourage, then the child will not get spoiled. As this does not get accomplished, distance between the two develops.

“Every young adult has the potential power to help the entire world. He just needs the right guidance and support,” says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

With proper understanding youth can also strengthen their relationship with their parents.

With an aim to offer an in-depth, complete understanding of today’s youth, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has revealed how to raise kids and teenagers with pure love and equanimity so that they blossom in all fields of life. He has given positive parenting solutions for instilling moral values, good manners, and discipline, which work even during adolescence.

Read on to get a better understanding of ‘How to parent positively and effectively’.

Generation Gap

Parents and children today often complain that they do not understand each other. All parents compare their children with their peers and this widens the gap between parents and children. Pujya Niruma explains how to avoid falling in this trap and create a healthy parent-child relationship at home.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Your children are your mirror. They reflect your own faults.
  2. Love that fluctuates is not true love; it is attachment. Love that is constant is God's love.
  3. No one in the world improves through physical or verbal abuse. They benefit from being shown the right way to act.
  4. Every young adult has the potential power to help the entire world. He just needs the right guidance and support. Without such guidance the youth has turned selfish and has a very self-centered view of life. They will prey on others for their own worldly comfort and happiness. He who renounces his own happiness can make others happy.
  5. Children bring with them their personalities at birth, but you have to help and nurture them so that they flourish.
  6. Keep positive intents (bhaavs) for your children. This will bring good results. They will change for the better and this will happen naturally.
  7. The day you stop arguing and nagging your children, they will begin to improve. It is because your words do not come out right that they get aggravated. They do not embrace your words, but simply throw them back at you.
  8. Parents attempt to mould their children into replicas of themselves. They should let them blossom on their own. They should know the children's strong points and nurture them instead.
  9. Parents should speak in such a way, that children become interested in what they have to say. Only then would children listen to their parents.
  10. Real parents are those who manage to change their children's behavior through love and understanding, even when the child does dreadful things. But such love is not to be found, because the parents themselves are loveless. This world can only be won over through love.

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