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How to strengthen parent child relationship?

Questioner:  I want to take care of parents and  strengthen my parent relationship but I end up seeing faults in them.What should I do?

Dadashri: Children who see faults in their parents will never be happy. They may have material wealth, but they would never be happy spiritually. You must never see faults in your parents. How can you forget what they have done for you? You do not forget someone's kindness even when they offer you a cold drink on a hot day, so how can you forget your parents' kindness?

Care for them in the best possible way. If they say something disagreeable to you, overlook it. They are your elders. Do you think they deserve disrespect?

Questioner: No. But what if it happens by mistake?

Dadashri:  Why do you not fall by mistake? You manage to be careful in that situation. Besides, if you slip accidentally, your father will understand, but if you make a mistake on purpose, he will question you. Try your best not to make a mistake. If it happens outside your control they will understand and know that you are not capable of doing it. Keep them happy. Do they not try to keep you happy? All parents desire their child's happiness.

Questioner: Yes, but I feel that they have got into a habit of nagging.

Dadashri: Yes, then it is your own fault and you have to do pratikraman for hurting them. They should not be hurt. You should tell yourself that you are here to keep them happy. Ask yourself what you did to make them unhappy.

Do you think your father is bad? What will happen when you think badly of him? There is nothing bad in this world. Whatever comes your way is precise and it is justice. A mother is a mother and you should never see any faults in her. Destiny has given her to you. Can you ever replace your mother?

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