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Are the mind and brain the same? Is there a difference between the mind and Soul?

Mind, Brain and Soul !

Questioner: Is the mind considered a brain?

Dadashri: No, no; the mind is a different thing altogether. Its’ existence is separate altogether. The brain is just a machine; it is mechanical. Mind is the mind. The mind has its’ own existence.

Questioner: What is the difference between the Soul and the mind?


Dadashri: The Soul and the mind have nothing to do with each other (have no relation). Just as this body is physical, the mind too is physical, and so is speech. The Soul is complete Chetan (pure consciousness), the absolute Self; it is free of paramanu (sub-atomic particles; matter).

Questioner: What is the difference between the mind, the Soul and the brain?

Dadashri: The mind is a part of the inner-self (antahskaran). Then there is the brain; it works continuously. But as per karmic account within, say at three minutes past three, the account (of karma) comes into the brain through ‘vyavasthit (scientific circumstantial evidence)’ and from the brain it gets discharged through the mind. So you have a thought. When the thought occurs, the entanglement of thought continues, during that time it is all mind, and Atma (Soul, Self) knows (is the knower of) all this. The one that Knows all these thoughts is the Self. What gets engrossed in the thoughts is not the Self. When there is engrossment, (by the relative-self with thoughts) the Self’s power goes down and (in this state), that is called jivatma (mortal; identification with the body). And the pure Self continues to Know all that is happening within; at that time one is (called as) pure Self –Shuddhatma.

Questioner: Please explain about how the mind and Soul can unite and become one.

Dadashri: How can the two become one? The mind is transitory (temporary) and the Self is eternal. These two indeed do not become one, never. How can that happen? It can happen only if both are temporary. But here, they both have different functions.

Questioner: When one thing is connected to the other, for example where electricity is concerned, there is light only when the positive and negative wires are connected together.

Dadashri: Yes, only then there is light; that is correct.

Questioner: Similarly, when these two, the mind and the Soul (Self) are united; only then there will be unification and Self Realization; this is what the Gnanis (Enlightened ones) say, is it right?

Dadashri: No, it is wrong.

Questioner: What is right then?

Dadashri: The Soul is an independent eternal element. All that is being discussed and talked about, out there is not the Soul. The mind and Soul can never unite as one. When the Soul prevails, the mind can come under control, however the mind and Soul can never unite. The mind is temporary and the Soul is permanent, so how can the two mingle? The mind has come about in order to die whereas the Soul is an eternal element. Therefore all such talk is completely wrong. They are one hundred percent wrong, not a fraction of it is right.

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