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Can I get peace of mind by chanting mantras or by doing japa?

Devotion to that which is the Self

Questioner: Which chanting (japa) one should one do more so that he attains special peace of mind and an increased focus towards God?

Dadashri: If the chanting for the mind’s special peace is done, then it will happen.

Questioner: Is it the chanting of “Sahaj Atmasvaroopparam guru”? (The natural Soul (is the) divine guru?)

Dadashri: No, that is not the japa for the Self-form (swaroop). That is devotion to God. Self-form means you know who you are. When you know that (the Self-form) and then do the chanting it will bring you complete peace. So why aren’t you doing chanting of that?

Questioner: For a long time this question was puzzling me about which type of chanting should be done for peace of mind.


Dadashri: Then (why don’t you) do chanting of swaroop–the Self-form!

Questioner: What is my Self-form (swaroop)?

Dadashri: You do not know that. Look at all these entrapments! How can there be peace? Look, this dear old lady says, ‘My peace doesn’t slip away at all.’ (This is) Because she does constant chanting of the Self-form, she has no pain even for a moment, no worries, no troubles, nothing happens to her; she can also see your Self-form. She is endowed with divine vision (divyachakshu)! All these people sitting here are endowed with the divine vision! That is why they all have peace. That is why ‘we’ impart you with the knowledge of Self-form first, and then you will have permanent peace.

Otherwise the mantra ‘Sahaj Atmasvaroopparam guru’ is God’s mantra; it will help you a little when you chant it. Do you want little help or much more peace?

Questioner: I want much more peace.

Dadashri: If you want more peace…what was this dear old lady saying earlier? ‘For me, the peace has never left. Since I got the knowledge of Self-form two years ago, it hasn’t left me!’ Peace doesn’t leave you and restlessness doesn’t touch you. Otherwise, even if you were to name your daughter ‘Shanti’ (peace), nothing will change!

You have to become grace-worthy with the Gnani Purush for (attaining) that. So therefore try to take advantage of this (grace) again. And what were you saying today at the time of vidhi (special ceremony)? Were you saying ‘Dada Bhagwan ne namaskar karuchhu - I am bowing down to Dada Bhagwan)’?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: So for right now continue saying it for the time being. Do the chanting of this now. There will be good help from it now. But, will you remember to do Dada Bhagwan’s Nididhyasan (constant meditation) or not? If you are unable to do it yourself, then I will myself enter in there and then you will continue to see it all. All these people do not forget it even for a moment. This (the Akram Science of Self-Realization) is the eleventh wonder of the world. There have been ten (spiritual) wonders in this world up to Lord Mahavir (Lord Mahavir being the tenth) and this is the eleventh wonder. You attain permanent peace within one hour and final Liberation (Moksha) after one more birth. Do you want ultimate Liberation or do you want to wander around like you are doing now (from one life to another)? Don’t you want to wander around?

Questioner: I am already wandering around.

Dadashri: Yes, but now, you must be tired! Naturally you will be exhausted! Would you even come here if you were not tired? There is bound to be exhaustion from all the wandering around, right?

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