How to Overcome Depression Permanently In A Scientific Way

What are the causes of depression? How to overcome depression? Have you ever realized that depression starts from an inadvertent mistake of looking at a situation negatively? In such a situation, we perceive that everything is going against us and exactly this negative perspective or vision triggers subsequent negative thoughts.

Consider the following statements:

  • “You have no sense at all!”
  • “You are good for nothing.”
  • “You are a loser.”
  • “He is far better than you.”
  • “You are useless and can never improve.”
  • “No one loves you. Everyone hates you.”
how to overcome Depression
how to overcome Depression

What would happen to you if you heard these statements frequently? You would perceive them as insulting or incapacitating, and over time you would go into depression. This happens because you gradually start to believe the negative perceptions that people place upon you. For example, at first you ask yourself “Am I really useless?”, “Am I really a loser?” and over time you slowly start to believe “I am useless”, “I am a total loser.” Your mindset starts to change because of the repeated negative reactions you receive from different people in different situations, and before you realize, self-negativity starts to creep in.

So what is the outcome of all this negativity? Well, when your perception is wrong, your tendencies, your thoughts, and opinions turn towards the negative, giving rise to a constant inner restlessness and internal turmoil. Although these are our own reactions to an unfavorable or unacceptable situation, their incessant prevalence gives rise to a shattered mental state characterized by violent or hurtful tendencies or intentions for one’s own self. “I am useless, so now there is no point in living life”, “I cannot do anything good in life but I can commit suicide and that will make others feel better”, “I cannot improve at all, so I must punish myself” and more similar beliefs or opinions tend to take a hold within. Such beliefs and opinions about oneself are the initial and the most vicious signs of depression!

But wait a minute! Would you continue to think in that way if you knew that…

  • The one who is facing the blame or insults is not you but your ego. You and your ego are completely separate.
  • The one who is depressed is not you but your ego.
  • In order for one action to occur there are multiple evidences needed, so your inability to do a task is not entirely your fault because you are just one of the evidences.
  • The occurrence of depressive or negative situations that give rise to pain and inner turmoil are the results of deeds that have been done in previous lives. Today, they are not under your control.

So if you and your ego are separate, then who are you? What is your true identity? The answer to this can easily be found in a matter of 2 hours by attending a Self Realization ceremony, initiated by the Spiritual Master of Akram Vignan, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. This ceremony separates the permanent ‘I’ (the real Self or pure Soul) from the temporary ‘My’ (the ego) through a proven scientific process. This scientific way exposed by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan helps us overcome our inner enemies and is a way that can provide us with the support of how to overcome depression.

After attaining Self Realization, you will not get depressed in any situation. This is because of the blissful state that starts spontaneously within you. The separation of the ego from your true Self during the ceremony causes this blissful state to arise which prevents you from becoming depressed.

Because you now know who you are, your perception of the way you look at negative situations will change instantly. Now, the awakened awareness will remain that the insults, blame, lack of abilities, and failures belong to the ego, not me!

How to deal with depression? How to overcome depression after this permanently?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan Shows the Keys on how to overcome depression/how to deal with Depression

how to deal with Depression
how to overcome Depression
  • When one says, "I am depressed", then the burden of the depression will increase tenfold. And when he says, "I am not depressed", then the burden reduces tenfold.
  • You should not take ‘elevation’ or ‘depression’ over your head. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing goes bad.
  • When depression comes, as soon as one says ‘not mine’, one experiences the Self. Outwardly there is depression and inwardly, there is the blissful state. As soon as ‘This is not my nature’ is said, one becomes steady in the Self. Good or bad, each circumstance belongs to the non-Self complex. Not a single one belongs to the Self. Circumstance verily are of the non-Self. Whatever circumstance comes before us; it is the result of our previous fault. The words ‘not mine’ have a scientific effect. Whether one can remain in the Knower-Seer state or not, there, as soon as one says ‘not mine’; separation happens instantly!
  • If depression comes along, do not become one with it; apply these solutions on how to deal with depression. In any situation, whenever depression comes, one can experience the Self, provided he has taken this Gnan of ours. In that depression, where there is constant bliss; that is Your place. This Gnan is such that it will help You find that place. Sometimes if there are problems in the worldly life, even then there is bliss within; that place is Yours. This is how You can find that place ‘this is my place and this place is not!’ Otherwise no matter what kind of karma it is, just say, ‘this is not mine’, and it leaves You, because this is Yours and it is someone else’s. It has been separated in this way, no? This is very important understanding on how to overcome depression.

Questioner: Actually even at the time of depression one is aware of and knows that it is happening to the non-Self.

Dadashri: That verily is the Self. Instead one becomes clouded and cold with the depressive effects. When this happens to the non-Self, You need to elevate him. What else is to be done? It is not necessary to lift him up daily. Only when the depression comes, then it is necessary to say, ‘I am full of infinite energy, I am the abode of infinite bliss.’

The place where there is never any depression is ‘our’ location. That place is the place of infinite bliss. If you say this then You will swiftly ascend to Your location.

  • When depression arises if one has such awareness that, ‘This is not my real form’, ‘I am Shuddhatma—pure Self, I know this depression’, and if such separation is decidedly fixed, then one’s goal on how to overcome depression is accomplished. The awakened awareness—jagruti has to be constantly preserved. To keep nurturing and nourishing it is verily the Self—Shuddhatma.

Questioner: And really the Self is the knower only, no? When did depression arise, how much it is, is it less or more then the last time?

Dadashri: The Self knows everything.

Questioner: Just as one remains the knower of the depression, similarly during the time of elevation also if Self remains as the knower then the time will not come for the depression, no?

Dadashri: If one hears something good about his self and at that time if he becomes stiff with pride, the Self knows this. Once the elevation has happened, the depression will follow for sure.

"There is no place or circumstance in this world that can depress You (the Self). Now if you surrender everything right here, the egoism will leave. After this Gnan, even you will not have any depression or elevation. Even if someone berates you or throws you in jail, you will not suffer depression, and that is called vignan (spiritual science). This is a spiritual path."

~Param Pujya Dadashri

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