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How to stop negative thoughts?

negative thoughts

Questioner: Should we do pratikraman for the consequences of karma or for the subtle things?

Dadashri: For the subtle.

Questioner: Should it be for the thoughts or for the bhaav-deep inner intent?

Dadashri: For the bhaav. There is bhaav behind thoughts for sure. If you did atikraman aggression against anyone, you must do pratikraman for it. If you have negative thoughts, for example, if you get a negative thought about this lady, then you should turn it around by saying, "Thoughts must be good." If in your mind says, "This person is worthless," how dare it arise? We do not have the right to look at his worthiness or non-worthiness. And if you want to say anything in general, then say, "Everyone is good." When you say this, you will not be liable in binding karma. But if you call him worthless, then that is atikraman, which definitely demands a pratikraman.

Then, if you get the same thought again, it is inner karmic baggage. If it arises, it signifies the stock that is within. The stock that comes out will be exactly what is within. And if a person does not know anything but feels "I am very wise," that too is the inner karmic stock. That thought is not detrimental to anyone and so pratikraman is not needed.

Thoughts are bound to come but you must devalue them. You should do pratikraman. Thoughts are inanimate; they are lifeless.

How will it reach the pure Soul within the other person? By using the following method:

"Oh! pure Soul within Chandubhai who are separate from the mind, speech and body of Chandubhai, the illusion associated with the name of Chandubhai, Chandubhai's bhaav karma charging karma, dravya karma discharging karma, no karma non-charging karma; I had a bad thought about You and for that I ask for Your forgiveness. I will not repeat the mistake again."

A thought will not occur without an inner conflict that has been laid. The moment the thought arises, you should do pratikraman, without fail. So do collective pratikraman. I do pratikraman for whatever thoughts arose in the last ten minutes.

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