Celibate Life: Spontaneous Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Who is capable of discussing brahmacharya (celibacy) in depth?

Only the One who has attained Self Realization and is able to do the same for others. Such a person is transparent and without any secrets. They are a Supreme Being that has dedicated their entire life for the sole purpose of the salvation of the world. Moreover, because no atoms of sexuality exist within them, they do not have to practice brahmacharya (celibacy); it is a part of them; they live a pure celibate life.

gnani purush

It is extremely rare to find such a being in this kaliyug (current era of the time cycle, which is characterized by lack of unity in thought, speech, and action). However, we are fortunate that Param Pujya Dadashri has graced the world with His presence.

He has spoken in depth about celibacy. A collection of His discourses on the entire spectrum of celibacy have been compiled and published into two books, a total of 736 pages.

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