Universally Accepted Speech

Captivating are the speech, conduct and humbleness of the Gnani Purush, the enlightened spiritual master. Unparallel are they - nowhere else to be seen! In His speech there is due deference to the diversity of all viewpoints and so it hurts no one nor does it offend. Thus, it is syadvada speech, non violent speech. His words penetrate right into the heart and the Soul and would prompt and point one to the right path at a crucial moment: The seed of Gnan inculcated by the Gnani will fructify into Liberation – never will its fate be rendered futile. The spiritual prowess of His words is beyond one’s imagination!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s speech was of the highest quality. It was above any controversy or dispute and thus it was acceptable to all. This type of speech is referred to as syadvaad vani. It arises because of pratikraman.

Pratikraman (to ask for forgiveness with repentance) is a master key that frees you from your aggression towards other living beings, whether it is through your thoughts, speech or actions. It helps you resolve relationships that are steeped in negativity and abhorrence. It is a tool that helps solve lifelong differences and resolve clashes.

What kind of speech exists in the world today?

Words have an enormous effect on people; they are the cause of pain, hurt, misunderstanding and can create division between people. It can also create controversy. If one has purity in worldly interactions it means there is no involvement of the ego in those interactions. Such a person’s speech is acceptable to all.

Encounter with a Thief

People are of the opinion that it is wrong to steal, but a thief believes that stealing is his profession. If you encounter a thief, you would tell him that it is wrong to steal. These words would hurt his ego, he would not bother to listen to you and your words will be of no use. Your efforts will be in vain and the thief may even harbor revenge against you.

In contrast, Param Pujya Dadashri would not tell the thief that it is wrong to steal; He would counsel him in private. Param Pujya Dadashri would ask him if he enjoys this business of stealing and whether he likes it. This would put the thief at ease. Since people lie out of fear, the thief would be honest as he would not be afraid of Pujya Dadashri. Then He would ask him if he knows what the potential consequences of his actions are going to be.

Param Pujya Dadashri would never see a thief as a thief. If He had such an opinion, then it would have an effect on the thief. Everyone believes that they are doing their duty. Syaadvaad vani, does not hurt anyone, it is perfect. Even though every person has a different prakruti (inherent nature), syaadvaad vani is such that it does not hurt anyone's prakruti.

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