Both Down to Earth and Superior Person

The Gnani Purush is both laghutam (down to earth person) and gurutam (superior quality person). This means He can be the lowest among the lowliest (laghutam) and He can soar to the highest peak among those whose goal or ascent is the highest (gurutam). This is a simultaneous blending of the twin state: the macrocosmic and microcosmic. He is not only the infinite, but also the infinitesimal. If addressed to as a donkey He would say, “I am that and still lowlier than that. I am the lowliest. My smallness will defy all your measures”. And adored as a preceptor, He would say, ‘Yes I am that. But if you are desirous of knowing even more, then I am at an even higher state than that. I am God in the human form.” What one gains from the Gnani is in proportion to one’s openness and receptivity. The Pure Self is neither laghu nor guru – immutable, unchangeable, free from waxing or waning.

The state that Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan was at, was such that, He was down to earth in matters related to the worldly life. This means that He was the smallest of the small; the lowliest and lightest in the relative. However, with regards to the real Self, He was guruttam - the highest. Param Pujya Dadashri had fifty thousand followers yet He remained their disciple. He never made anyone His disciple; He would say, “I sit here as a disciple of the whole world. I am a disciple of even the disciples.

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