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What is the difference between infatuation and love?

Questioner: Can you explain the difference between infatuation and attraction and love?

Infatuation and love

Dadashri: Infatuation and attraction is the opposite of love. The love that this world talks about is worldly love, and that is why this world is so complex itself. This worldly love is infatuation and attraction.

The world is immersed in infatuation, attraction and desire, but the One who resides within, the Self is without all these. Where there is infatuation and attraction, there is desire. Desire is always  associated with infatuation and attraction. People claim to be free from desire. Even in their devotion to the Lord, they claim that they have no desire. But in reality one can never be free from desire as long as there is infatuation and attraction.

There is infatuation and attraction in everything. It clings even to material things. If one sees a beautiful tea set, they will get pulled towards it, even if there is no life in it! I once visited a carpenter who would not be satisfied until he had inspected a piece of wood five times over! The piece of wood was round and smooth as satin! He had to feel its smoothness over and over again! What an infatuation and attraction over a piece of wood! So infatuation and attraction is not limited to women only. Wherever there is worldly love that clings, it is simply infatuation and attraction.

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